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A session Offering the Performance of Rafah Municipality
Gaza- Information Department On Monday's morning ,24th of Nov. 2014, PCDCR  in partnership with the head of Rafah Municipality ,Mr. Sobhe Abu Radwan ,Eng. Osama Abu Nqaira , the official of the emergency committee in the Municipality have o ...
  Gaza- Information Department The legal unit of PCDCR held a special meeting with the Supreme Council of Judiciary about \" stacking of prisoners and detainees in centers of reforming and rehabilitation. The attendants of this meeting ...
PCDCR holds a meeting with civil community institutions to discuss children violations
Gaza- Publishing Department On today\'s morning, PCDCR held a meeting with institutions of the civil community in the headquarter of the center in Gaza,in presence of 25 institutions within activities of \"Children monitoring and reporting ...






Impact of Israeli Practices on Development of Children's Aggressive Behaviour


Do Palestinian legislations respond to citizens demands?


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The first session of juveniles court for today  ,held in the headquarter of Rabee Institution for Juveniles Care and carried out in the special court of children who are in disagreement with law. That is, court of first instance ,described as cr ...
Training for Workers in Juveniles Justice Field
PCDCR in partnership with TDH have carried out a training entitled"Developing Workers Skills at Juveniles Justice Field" ,starting from 2/11/2014 to 6/11/2014 . Including purposive legal and psychological issues to develop vocational skills of specia ...
PCDCR in partnership with ncr have organized a discussion meeting entitled The "Procedural Problems Facing Citizens during Reconstruction Period after the Israeli Aggression on the Gaza Strip " . It was held at Adam Hotel this evening as an activity ...

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Participants from Different Institutions in TOT
PCDCR in partnersship with Save Children institution have organized a training of trainers course ( TOT) for mental and social specialists from different institution at Adam Hotel .This training inserted as an activity within community participation ...
  PCDCR has organized a training course entitled Reporters for Children at Adam hotel . As an activity within children protection project , this training included some journalists and reporters  participants.  Mr. Iyad Abu Hujier, th ...
An open day for prisoners and their children.
  PCDCR has organized an open day for prisoners and their children as an activity for childhood protection project inside Asdaa prison in Khanyounis at southern of Gaza Strip .  This day consisted of some entertaining and cultural&nb ...
 Gaza-Information Department. According to a meeting discussing the crisis of national identity and its impacts on Palestinian issue  held by PCDCR  yesterday , A group of youth activists have called for sticking to national identity ...

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