War residues

A. is 5 years old , he had a shock during the war on Gaza as a result, he stopped talking and refused to talk to anybody in his house and the kindergarten .
There was psycho dramatic sessions within the psychosocial support project for the kindergarten children and their parents . A. didn’t participate in the activities or talk to his friends so, the activator tried to make him participate in the activities .
When the puppets show started , he was being attracted and smiling .
After that , when the children started drawing , he refused to draw but in the middle of the activity he started drawing .The activator noticed that he drew a lot of destroyed houses and the armed forces .
Although all the children talked about their graphics , he was silent . Then the activator gave the children presents in order to encourage them to draw more graphics , when he gave A. a present , he was very happy .
The child’s grandmother came the next day to meet the activator ,thanked him and told him that the child talked for the first time after the war about the present he has received , the games and the activities he has practiced .
When the child came the next day , he started talking to the activator and to his friends and practiced all the games and activities .
This story is one of a lot of the success stories that the project realized as these stories reflect the importance of the activities in supporting and reinforcing the children .