Training Meeting in the Art of Debate

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution hold a training meeting in the art of debate on Wednesday, Sep 7, 2016. The training meeting, part of the project “Advancing Social Accountability”, funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, includes 50 youth from different majors and interests in the Gaza Strip.

The training aims to enhance the listening and time management skills among the young people whether on a personal or institutional level and to deepen the art of dialogue to enable them to build arguments, use specific strategies on debate issues, and present their attitudes easily. It also aims to build a generation of young people who is able to debate in all social, political, and economic issues using mind, logic, and evidences.

The trainer, Mr. Abdul Meneem Al-Tahrawe, discussed the main conditions of the art of debate including being away from intolerance to points of view, being ready to search about the truth and then take it, talking politely away from sarcasm from opponents’ points of view, using the correct persuasive ways, and finally accepting the results of the debate after a long discussion supported with irrefutable evidences.