Toys Initiative

Gaza – one of the main initiatives that should be implemented, ” toys initiative” for it can carry the messages of the children and their bitter reality.
From this point Al-Nayzak organization for education started implementing it, funded by PCDCR in cooperation with UNECIF.
The initiative aimed to activating the role of marginalized and victims of violence children, through investing the idea of toys to spread awareness of concepts such as violence and poverty and its affects on them, also employing the modern technology (Youtube) to spread the knowledge.
The initiative tackled 125 child directly, distributed into two groups, the first group age (12-18) years, the second one ( 6-12)years, over three areas.
The initiative aimed to enhancing the idea of protecting environment through recycling the used materials in making toys.
The initiative ended with a festival in the center and another one in the targeted area.