Towards a Society Free of Violence Against Women

Project title: Towards a Society Free of Violence Against Women

Implentation Period: 2014 – 2015

Donor: Norwegian People’s Aid

Thematic Program: Woman Support and Empowerment Program


  • Four units for counseling, psychotherapy and legal aid available to Palestinian women in Gaza and West Bank.
  • 240 of groups therapy sessions held targeting victimized women in GS.
  • Six point of intervention established/functioned in GS/WB.
  • Five family forum places available for enabling sperated women to see their children in a friendly enviroment.
  • 120 workshops targeting both men and women increasing their awarness on the context of VAW in addition to women rights.
  • Advanced training course For PCDCR counseler in GS for further human recourses’ invesment for the benefit of women victims of violence.
  • Activation of the advocacy campaign entitled “Preserving the rights of Palestinian women to live”.
  • Carrying out research in GS exploring the reality of murdering women over the last five years, number of killed women in general, and how many of killed women on the backgorund of honor).
  • 16 early days campaigns “several joined activities with Al-Amal coalition and other partners like demonstrations, festivals, …etc”