The ship of hope

According to activities in Community Based child Protection project ‎which is presented by PCDCR and SCI ,and funded by the Italian ‎Cooperation. ‎
The children in the project made a small ship and called it the ship of ‎hope.‎
The children said that this ship is like an Ambassador for their rights.‎
They see that the ship can travel every where ,cringing on it Deck
‎ there rights.‎
They see also that in the sea there are rough waves in the way of the ‎ship, similar to the difficult circumstances that the children faces in ‎their life.‎
They said that the ship is a ship of hope and survival of their communities ‎and throughout the world, the dream of all their rights in the application ‎on the ground in order to live in an atmosphere of safety and security of ‎life, education, health, participation and expression, growth , non-‎exploitation, and non-discrimination on the basis of nationality or ‎religion.‎