The pain of the four age child

M. is a four age child , his father was killed in the war on Gaza , the thing that affected him so, he became an introvert . Before the killing of his father , he was active and went to the kindergarten actively and played with his friends .
After the killing of his father , he became sad , introvert and his weight was decreased. The Palestinian center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution held psycho-dramatic sessions within the activities of the ” Psychosocial support project ” for the kindergarten children and their parents in Gaza Strip .
M. was one of those children whom the activator noticed his fear of dealing with others . She tried to make him participate in the activities but he was hesitant . When the activator gave him coloring pencils, he drew several paintings about war planes , helicopters , rockets and a man in the grave . The activator asked him about his paintings and he started to talk his father’s accident . Then the activator reassured him that the war was finished and that the people who died went to better place . After that the child started participating in the activities particularly, the puppets and he felt happy . The next day , his mother came to the kindergarten as she noticed the positive change on her child ‘s behavior , she said that when her child came back home the day before , he was happy and he talked about the games and the puppets .
In the second session , the child dealt with the children and practiced all the activities with pleasure . Also, his mother said that he woke up early and he was eager to go to the kindergarten .
At the end , M. and all the children were very happy and asked if the activators will visit them again to play with them or not .