The national dialogue .. to where !‎

Written by: fayez zaqout‎
The Palestinian people is in a state of despair because of the delaying of national ‎dialogue sessions again and again whether tactically programmed, for factional ‎interests or even for regional interests.‎
Despite the national reconciliation and dialogue is a legitimate right for the ‎Palestinian people in its all categories because the Palestinian people is the only ‎one who pays the price of the two parties conflict.‎
At the grassroots level, citizens major concern of the dialogue sessions is ‎community based reconciliation, specially after the division state which scattered ‎‎ and dissolve the social fabric of the Palestinian community.‎
The Palestinian society is a tribal society who take in consideration restoring his ‎respect and answering back insults, but the occupation daily practices against ‎the Palestinian people reduced this reaction to revenge, and is replaced by ‎tolerance and forgiveness principles, the principles which our religion calls for ‎and we hope that it would be the dominate in the community reconciliation ‎process.‎
Civil society in its all components, organizations, factions, universities, and all ‎categories of youth, women, community leaders and intellectuals play a role in ‎enhancing social values such as forgiveness and tolerance which employed to the ‎interest of community based reconciliation, but these components need more ‎efforts by the organizations and centers that work specifically on national ‎dialogue and community based reconciliation, they should pressure on both ‎conflicted parties to accept the principle of serious dialogue away from ‎controversial and procrastination, also imposing the law and punishing the ‎offenders, as well as raising awareness that the interests of our homeland should ‎prevail any other interests for its developments also reintegrating the Palestinian ‎community and reconstructing Gaza after the persistent aggressions against Gaza ‎strip.‎