The little artist

Eleven years old Muhannad Qrainawi , has a great talent in ‎painting, he is one of the beneficiaries of Safe Areas for ‎Emergency Education project, which is implemented by the ‎PCDCR in cooperation of SCS Foundation and funded by ‎ROTA .‎
Muhannad is in the sixth grade, he benefited greatly from the ‎project, he also raised his educational level ,in addition he ‎exercised his hobby of painting through the project.‎
Muhannad had expressed a great talent in painting and hand ‎crafts in general, he is very active ,he always presents the first ‎and departs the last.‎
Muhannad’s teachers are very happy with his presence, they say ‎that he makes the atmosphere of the project vital.
‎ When we visited the Center, which the project is implemented ‎in, we’ve been welcomed by Muhannad with a smile on his face, ‎and he offered us to see his drawings.‎
‎ He took us to the upper floor and show us his drawings, he ‎talked about his friends who share in this work, and expressed ‎his delight to the opportunity offered by the project to exercise ‎his hobby and to work on his educational development at the ‎same time. ‎