The International Human Rights 67th Anniversary: Shujaiya’s Children Send a Peace Message to the World

(Gaza Strip, 10 December 2015) – The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) joined the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in celebrating the 67th anniversary of The International Human Rights Day. The celebration placed in Gaza’s Shujaiya, which is considered as an icon for human rights violations in 2014 war since it suffered from one of the most brutal attacks  from the Israel. Shujaiya’s massacre is another crime that should be added to Israel’s bloody history against the Palestinian people.

The event included a speech for Iyad Abu Hajir, PCDCR’s deputy director, in which he explained that “The International Human Rights Day passes at a time when the rights and freedom of the Palestinian children are grossly violated, particularly the right to adequate housing, whereas an awful lot of destroyed houses are still unremoved. As they are deprived of the right of traveling and medical treatment, they also lost their right from living as safe as the rest of the world’s children”.

Abu Hajir added, “despite all the misery that the Palestinian children are living, they are sending a message of love and peace to the world by celebrating this anniversary with hope for a much better future”.

The deputy director of OHCHR in the occupied territories confirmed during his speech that the children of Shujaiya neighborhood are celebrating The International Human Rights Day, in spite of all the tough times they suffered. He also stressed that “the Palestinian children have the right to live like any other children in the world, and OHCHR will always work as hard as they can to support and insure their rights”.

A fabulous crowd of children attended the event, where they enjoyed several shows and operettas which expressed their feelings and ideas about the status of the human rights, particularly as they suffered greatly in the last massacre upon Gaza.

Moreover, dozens of balloons, with children’s desired right written on it, were released in the celebration as a message and gesture of peace for the children of the world. In the conclusion of the celebration, symbolic gifts were given for the Gazan children.