“The Half Million Campaign ”Conference


“The Half Million Campaign Against Domestic Violence”

Continuing the organized campaigns launched by the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution around important cases to bring the required change, or at least reduce the seriousness Such as “public campaign against lawlessness”, “fighting violence against women” “child protection”.

From this platform we launch “The half million campaign against domestic violence”, that takes a new form this time through collecting half million signatures from adults, and grown-ups in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Domestic violence has escalated recently through many forms as a result of many reasons, objective and subjective conditions, the most reason is the political and economic blockade, and the deteriorated security situation.

All of this reflected negatively on the Palestinian family, and increased the domestic violence, especially on women and children who are the most vulnerable in the family.
Accompanied with the concern of the political and security situation, the domestic violence kept back from the attention and increased, this campaign is lunched to re-focus on domestic violence and place it in the light until we begin steps to reduce it.

Studies showed that many Palestinians believe that domestic violence is: a husband beating his wife or children, and they do not think that sexual and emotional abuse or verbal, psychological and moral violence are domestic violence, as well as child neglect, deprivation and discrimination.

This misconception for domestic violence puts on us additional responsibilities at work to spread the awareness about domestic violence and its forms and risk, and put the on the authority the responsibility to get rid of this phenomenon and cure it.

Victims of domestic violence are many, many of them do not speak of this and raise their voices to talk about it, for fear of complaint and talk about their suffering and would prefer to live with pain on the risk of complaint or attempt to raise their voices.

For How long the victim shall be silent? Until when will this negative pattern prevailed?……. for all that …. there was the campaign … “the half million Campaign against domestic violence” …. In order to raise awareness about domestic violence .. ..To encourage the victims to speak and express ….. To ask for help…..

The campaign also came as well as for “urging officials and decision-makers to hold their responsibilities .. And take appropriate decisions each in his position in order to stop this phenomenon, because a nation that can not keep its family can not make unity, and if there is no unity there will be no independence.

The campaign against domestic violence accepted to challenge the figure “half million” to collect 5 hundred thousand Palestinian signature from all different places, thus to create a public opinion case so that no one after that avoid his responsibility, because half a million Palestinian said: domestic violence must be stopped.

Therefore, this campaign will put official and non-official institutions and interested in front of their responsibilities in order to stabilize civil rights and preserve a stable Palestinian family.

As of today 21st March; there are 200 volunteer from the Palestinian Center spread all over cities, villages and camps in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip who are ready to collect signatures and will be companied with media campaign of posters stickers to encourage all citizens to sign, after completing the collection of signatures; the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution will hold a conference in both Gaza and Nablus to present all what we have come to, and give the professionals and officials space to present working papers to come out with the recommendations of the process.

The Center assures to make every effort to translate them into reality in collaboration with all partners.

I would like to thank the USAID and our partners in the OTI for their funding to this campaign, and their cooperation with us for the success of its activities.

I call on everyone, men and women, young and old, to participate in signing at the volunteers.

The text that will be signed is:-

“The Half Million Campaign Against Domestic Violence”

“The family, the first unity in building a society and protecting the family from violence and disintegration between husbands and wives and children, is necessary to consolidate the civil rights equation that govern the relationship inside the society, which is considered the first entrance to the positive behavior in order to achieve justice, development and prosperity”.

“Because I believe of that, I will put my signature to reject the domestic violence practiced in our Palestinian society of all means”.

Thank you for your attention and you are welcomed to present your questions and queries.