The center convene a public hearing session in partnership with Al-Nosirat municipal, social accountability in local governance -local governance reform program (public hearing session about the trespassing on roads )

Within the social accountability in local governance -local governance reform program implemented by (GIZ) on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic cooperation and development (BMZ) , in partnership with the Palestinian center for democracy and conflict resolution(PCDCR).

The Palestinian center for democracy and conflict resolution in partnership with AL-Nosirat municipal have contended  a public hearing session about the trespassing on roads.

Mr.Abdel monem al tahrawi the moderator of the session and the representive of (PCDCR) opened the session by welcoming the attendance represented by Mr.mohammed abu-shikah the mayor of Al-Nosirat ,Mrs.Ahlam al zitani te head of organizing and engineering department ,Mr.Ibrahim abu sultan the director of crafting and industries department . they represent the districts commissions, citizens, and traders.


Mr.Al tahrawi appreciated their participants in the session in light of its importance as a tool of social accounting ,and he explained the mechanism of this session , at the beginning it will take place in the municipal to show the challenges that they will face and to confront it ,then he talked about the duties of the citizens toward the municipal and their rights , then listening to the citizens’ problems to reach to recommendations be applied on the ground .

Mr.mohammed abu shikan maintained that the only way to save civilized image to the camp is by the unity between the Palestinian factions and work in one hand , and work to find solutions to decrease the trespassing on roads which paralyze the public and the construction movement .

“The problem of trespassing appears in markets where the hawkers trespass on roads what causes a paralyzing on the public movement and emergency transportation ”  Mr.shikan added .

Then the citizens began questioning about the procedures that the municipal will use to solve the trespassing problem and its effectiveness ,in the other hand Mr.abdel hadi al qadod and Mr.Ibrahim abu-sultan replayed to each question according to their specialty.

It worth noting that the hearing session released a set of recommendations .the most important one is the need to take hard procedures against the trespassers ,and the need to convene an awareness session about the threats of trespassing , and it’s negative effects in paralyzing the public movement and the  emergency transportation and how it obliterate the identity of the camp, and work to increase the inspections and oversight employees to activate the oversight process 24 hours per day , in addition to the need to continue the construction process in the camp to make sure that it be done in the right way and working on creating commissions consist of ( the municipal , districts commissions and the police ) to keep an eye on the trespassing , in addition to the need of getting another space to the hawkers weather inside or outside the market to reduce the trespassing on roads. Also having the coordination between the citizens and Al-Nosirat municipal and the traffic police to solve hawkers’ issues . tahrawi ended the session by appreciating the municipal and citizens role in applying this tool which help in shrinking the gap between the citizens and the municipal , and repair the local governance and create  a democratic atmosphere to work in one hand to reach to the best standers of services .