Thank You

My duty is to do what ever it takes to solve problems – to hear complaints –but finally to make women feel comfort and tranquil -to help them to understand their rights, said the social worker

The husband said: Thank you, the Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Conflict Resolution. Thank you, I promise before God to respect my wife and my children

I do not know how much time lasted until I get help, by those words the wife explained her story that ended by a smile and started by scream and cry “please help me I will lost my husband , children and even my life”.

The wife aged of 24 years- old tried to explain her problem that started saying we were like any other couple in the world but his family intervened in our life especially his mother that offended me verbally and the situation gradually escaladed until my husband started to beat me severely and then accused me that I betrayed him.

What happened to me!!! This was my question when I wake up in the hospital looking around me “‘hoping to see my children, my husband”…my mother gave me a glass of water saying don’t worry, you are now with your family.

I stayed their three days and after that I returned to my family home where my father obliged me to start the divorce papers … I just want my family back !!!

Her father will not stop the divorce measures until to be sure that her husband will respect and love her (no more beating or accusations) ……her husband was blind with family problems, forgot how much his wife is loving him…. !!

I forgot time and my concern was how to help this woman to protect herself and in the same time to get all the family members together again and to convince the husband and make him aware that his wife has rights as him, said the social worker.

After mediations with both families, problems still didn’t solve so the solution is to target the husband and make him a ware of the consequences particularly on children.

Please stay with us (the Palestinian Center), we still need you, these were her words after her first meeting with her children where her husband agreed to let her see them …

The husband talks with his wife and she accepted his apologize; they decided to make their home better not only for them but also for their children. The centre and the husband started a research for a home that will make the couple feel comfortable and safe, far away from any intervention of their families and both attended sessions that help them. They understood that if their families care they will not be an obstacle in front of their happiness.