Started with ((I don’t need help)) and finished with ((Wish you more success))

I need nobody to help me; I trust nobody. You all give me hope and then just disappear like a mirage. You only leave me pain and disability to stand up and walk.

I do not believe it. I am walking. I am in the center of Gaza City, standing up alone, walking and running.

I love you and thank you.

Do not marvel of this contradiction. In the first attitude, it’s Sadeya ((the hopeless)) after I have tried medicine and medicaments that did not work.

In the second attitude, I am Saadeya who have been born again by those wonderful people who work in the protection team’s project and who helped me a lot through support and psychological guidance and now I am capable of standing up and walking after my hopelessness.

All what I can say that I love you all and thank you a lot and I say that there are still tens of cases like mine who need your help.

Sadeya Dawood

I am Um Leila. I have attended one of the awareness sessions in Deir Al-Balah city about child rights and the effects of violence and violation on child. At the end of the sessions, I talked with the Psychologist and told her about my son case and how he shocked due to the Israeli bombardment and then he was disabled to talk. Now it is the third year that my son is living in a case of sudden dumbness.

She went with me to home and started talk and psychological support sessions with my son. These sessions continued through 2 months. Now I am writing my words while my son is talking to me.

No words can express my happiness but I can only say ((thank you a lot and wish you success in your wonderful work))

Um Leila