Standstill between two positions


The date to held the sixth conference of Fatah movement is approaching, tomorrow will ‎mark the long- awaited conference for twenty years, twenty years generations arose and ‎generations died and others failed to work because of disease.‎
The delay in holding the conference for two decades is an indicator to a critical ‎organizational crisis experienced by the movement.‎
It is unreasonable in history that a political movement or state waits all this time to held ‎its conference, and in spite of all excuses, conflicts and justifications which may convince ‎us, waiting all this time indicates a vital and dynamic crisis which the movement ‎experiences.‎

Finally it is decided to held the conference in Palestine in Bethlehem on the forth of ‎august 2009. We as Palestinian citizens felt optimistic that finally there is a decision to ‎held the conference and this shows to some extent that there is a trend to make decision, ‎specially in the time of no decisions and the administrative and political anarchy, we ‎thought that holding the conference itself can be positive in improving the movement ‎status and restructuring it , also reviewing its performance, because we believe that a ‎healthy Fatah would return in benefit for Palestinian people, specially because it is ‎considered one of the main political components in the Palestinian arena.‎

Regardless of the method of selecting the members of conference, whether it is based on ‎unfounded or tainted by some defects as the exception to some active forces within Fatah; ‎this is a matter of Fatah persons, I don’t allow myself to interfere as I am an independent ‎Palestinian, but I can reach conclusions which are not encouraging for the output of this ‎conference.‎

The organizers for this conference made a great effort to persuade Israel to allow to the ‎outside members of the conference to enter the west bank, most of the efforts succeeded, ‎only a few members Israel prevented them to enter the west bank and this in turn leads ‎us to two questions:‎

‎*why similar efforts didn’t made to convince Hamas to allow the members of the ‎conference from Gaza strip to participate?‎

‎*does Israel become more understanding and tolerant to the needs of one of the main ‎political components of Palestine (Fatah) of Hamas?‎

We will try to answer these two questions to clarify the tragic image for the Palestinian ‎situation.‎

The leadership of didn’t contact Hamas to resolve this problem, either because they ‎consider that it is not a problem and they didn’t expect the responsible of Hamas would ‎take such a position of rejection as a matter of trust, and the right is Hamas should not ‎prevent the members of the conference from participating, or they don’t recognize the ‎existence of Hamas and deny its legitimacy accordingly would not behave modestly to ‎ask them such a request, and only they deal with the Syrian and Egyptian mediation to ‎resolve this problem and this in itself is unjustified arrogance because brothers have the ‎priority to be asked rather than strangers(Israel); and why Hamas rejects the participation ‎of the members of conference from Gaza while Israel allow this; isn’t this unacceptable ‎behavior from Hamas

If one looks to Hamas demands in order to allow the participation of members from Gaza ‎which includes the release of detainees in the prisons of Palestine national authority in the ‎west bank and having passport to Gaza, he would find it reasonable and legitimate ‎demands, then, why Fatah refuses the positive cooperation with these demands if they are ‎interested in the participation of the members of the conference from Gaza, specially that ‎this cost is required for the benefit of the Palestinian people, to release political prisoners ‎in the west bank will be a positive behavior to encourage dialogue and to allow access of ‎passports, and will grantee to Palestinian in Gaza to pay half of the cost which they pay ‎to the passport offices and brokers.‎

I don’t understand why Fatah refuses that, is it because they don’t have the ability to take ‎such a decision, then we say the Algerian proverb ” Allah Alghaleb” or they have the ‎ability but don’t want to take it, this in itself another problem. Although the legitimacy of ‎the demands of Hamas, why doesn’t Hamas allow the members of the conference to ‎participate in a courage and tolerant step whether Fatah responded to their demands or ‎not?‎

Aren’t Hamas raising the slogan of religion; religious is tolerance; good and bad aren’t ‎equal, then why not pay the way that is better?!‎

I call upon Hamas to take courageous decision to allow Fatah members to participate in ‎the conference as a good-will gesture regardless if Fatah responded or not, because in ‎such a big situation this will increase their respect and not the opposite and will open a ‎window of hope in success of the dialogue which is postponed since many months.‎
I also call upon the leadership of Fatah in the West Bank to deal positively with Hamas ‎demands.‎

The parties must present a glimmer of hope for the people because what is being done as ‎actions, reactions and arrogance against each other, spread despair and frustration among ‎the general public…. You both parties, fear your god, the one who starts peace is the ‎better.‎