Remal Preparatory School ‘A’ visited PCDCR

Palestinian Youth Parliament represented by Remal Preparatory School ‘A’ visited PCDCR on Monday 25/4/2011. Mr. Fadi Hamad and Ahmad ElMasri welcomed the delegation.

Mr. EL Masri pointed out to the center’s goals and projects briefly and mentioned to the project ” “Community- Based Protection for Children in GS from Sexual Abuse” which is implemented in all Gaza governorates.

Mr. Majed EL Sous, Parliament Supervisor affirmed that this visit aims at identifying students of some institutions concern child rights as well as strengthen their knowledge towards their rights.

Mr. Hamed highlighted to the main international and national laws and the children’s rights which protect them and secure a good life for them. He also explained some infractions as illiteracy and child labor.