Reducing Child protection risks in Opt

Project title: Reducing Child protection risks in Opt

Donor: Save the Children

Thematic Programme Children Rights Protection Program

target group: “children – community counselors – parents”

Implementation period:  10  months 1/3/2015 -31/12/2015


Many Palestinian children are affected by extraordinary violence , caused by armed conflict and non conflict based violence at home and in schools and the wider community . Israeli house demolitions, military incursions ,night searches, harassment at checkpoints, settler attacks, along with school and community violence compound the distress of children and families , creating a situation which is persistently undermining the resilience and well being of  population .

 Palestinian children are severely affected by the conflict –especially in terms accessing their right to suitable education and their right to protection from psychical and psychological harm  .children in nearly a third of all families experience anxiety the long term physical ,emotional and social well being of children .

The violence and endless conflict that permeates the society leads to frustration and lack of hope for the future. Children are the most affected , and the uncertainties of the present situation coupled with the seeming hopeless of what the future holds have left many boys and girls suffering from a recurrent fit of complex dilemmas that have continued to undermine their resilience and capacity to cope with stress.

Many children have resorted to negative coping mechanisms including drug and substance abuse and violence and in a situation where the entire population is affected by the same conflict most children consequently  lack the requisite psychosocial  anchor to lean against and the situation continue to affect children and their families’ general wellbeing  .

Overall objective: To reduce child protection risks in Vulnerable communities in the opt.


Specific objectives:

  • Enhanced psychosocial  wellbeing and coping of targeted children and their families in Gaza
  • Children and their families have increased awareness child rights and ways of reporting child rights abuses.


–              Conduct 4 training days for 10 community counselors

–              Conduct 40 child resilience workshops for children

–              Conduct 32 child resilience workshops for parents

–              Conduct 2 meeting with community counselors