Protecting Children from Drugs


Executed party:Palestinian Association for Development and Education
Duration:31 September 2007, until 15 October 2007

Under the title “By sport we battle against drugs”, sixty four participants distributed in 8 teams in the Middle Area were trained on playing football. A competition between these teams took place all through Ramadan. At the finals, two teams, El Salah El Islamyya Association team and Deir El Balah Services Forum team played, where the former won the match by 3 goals against 2.

During these matches educative brochures were distributed on the attendance so that they reach every home in the Middle Area. Moreover, billboards about drugs danger and its negative impact on children were placed in the playground. At the end of the series, winners received their medals and prizes.

Moreover, the team made field visits to several association and distributed brochures.

At the final celebration memorial gifts were distributed on several association in the Middle Area in the presence of PCDCR team.