Please, consider me as a friend to the Center

She left a paper in front of me in one of our women workshop.(said the social worker)

Here came the surprise : Please call me , many answers stroked my head and I can not find an answer to even one question.

(The social worker) I entered the office without hesitation and redialed the phone number , a voice of women who welcomed me said ((I’m not okay!!!..)), so it was a response to one of my head questions.

She came to the office and tells us a story of family (her family) that most of her members are handicaps and asked us to visit the family.

My husband , his family , everyone hates me , all accused me that I gave birth to handicaps children.

I married twenty years ago , a man, fleshy , short, but he was kind, husband ,then father , I gave birth to four males and three females , males were handicaps and four beautiful females wonderful , Blondes , after ten years of my marriage my husband started to change and abuse me verbally and physically !!

My husband died suddenly ,his family threw me out of the house , threw the luggage , my boys and girls were thrown into the street , no one helped us expect my poor family. They tried several times to get my right and my children rights without results.

Is it true that it is my fault! They are my lovely children, healthy or not healthy they are, I don’t care.

Her words affected me and my colleges and we started the mediations process with her husband family but meanwhile we have to help them to understand that it is not her fault and the children are gift from God.
They were lifted to live in a miserable place that is not healthy or even safe for their condition and she is suffering alone without any aide.

Years passed, she knows nothing about the uncles of her children and she said ((please speak instead of me with them, make them understand our pain , our need , I need your help as a mother and as a woman)).

After many interventions and visits to their uncle by the Center team, he expressed his regret toward his brother’s wife and children and asked for forgiven.

He promised to start serious steps towards correcting the situation under the supervisor of the Palestinian Center. The Center helped the wife and her children to return to their old home safely and helped the children to get the required assistance medically and physically.

Please, consider me as a friend to the Center and let me to explain my story for everyone , I remember the difference between the past and the present and I have hope for the future. God bless you!! (said the women with pleasant smile).