Planting initiative

Community Based child Protection project, is a project convened by ‎PCDCR in partnership with SCI Foundation , funded by the Italian ‎Cooperation.
The project aims to provide a safe environment for Palestinian children ‎living in Qarara and Khaza’a areas which are affected by conflict , in ‎addition the project aims to give children the chance to learn their rights.‎
The children participating in the project in Khaza’a area, had planted ‎some trees in (Dewan Swedan) where they are having their educational ‎workshops in the project.‎
The children cooperated in this activity and every one has his own ‎responsibilities.‎
Some of them brought the tools ,others brought the plants, and the reset ‎of them do the planting process.‎
The children through this activity practiced their right in having a healthy ‎environment.‎
They worked hard to make their initiative succeed, and they where happy ‎to see the trees which they planted ,growing around them. ‎
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