PCDCR signed an agreement to implement ” Youth Saving Education” project

Gaza. The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution in the province of Gaza signed yesterday an agreement with Save the Children to implement a project of ” Youth Saving Education” with budget of $ 60667 $, within the Nasiji Program that funded by the Ford Foundation in partnership with regional advisory committee includes five Arab countries (Jordan and Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt and Palestine). ”Youth Saving Education” project is targeting young people aged between 16 to 17 years, and is aiming to achieve the following:

1. Improving the performance of graduates and their psychology.

2. Improving the standard of education and the education process.

3. Activating the role of youth and institutions.

4. Promoting the process of advocacy among young people.

Mr. Eyad Abu Hujir, Deputy Director General has signed the agreement on behalf of the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, Mr. David Burns, Director General – the Office of the West Bank and Gaza on behalf of Save the Children Foundation and Mr. Ramsey Bertie Financial and Administrative Director of Save the Children – Gaza. It is worth mentioning that the project activities will start on October 1, 2008, in each of the provinces of North and Gaza.