PCDCR participates in a conference organized by CCAST


Community College of Applied Sciences & Technology (CCAST) and Islamic Relief opened, on Sunday, the activities of the festival “Palestine Festival for Childhood and Education”.

Many officials, NGOs and parents with their children attended the opening of the festival; Dr. Mohammed Awad, secretary general of the cabinet on behalf of the PM Ismail Haneiya, Gamal Al Khudhri, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the deputy in the Legislative Council, Dr. Yaheiya Al-Saraj Dean of CCAST and Dr. Mohammed Al-Soussi head of the Islamic Relief in Palestine.

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) participated in the festival of working paper submitted by the psychological specialist Somaeiya Habib, the working paper entitled “The impact of the Israeli violations on children in the Palestinian community”.

Habib also talked about the achievements made by the PCDCR to serve the childhood in Palestine, the services provided by the center, and gave a brief explanation about the activities of the child protection teams project.

It is noted that the PCDCR participates in numerous conferences organized by civil and governmental institutions in Palestine.