PCDCR organized an entertainment day for children with cancer

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution organized an entertainment day for children with cancer in cooperation with ” Supporting Children with Cancer Benevolent Association ” . The open day, which is held at Saad Sayel hall , included several entertainment paragraphs, games, songs and puppets that are presented by Marah Group for Educational Arts with the presence of more than 100 children suffering from cancer and their families .
Gaza governorate coordinator , Mr. Ali Nasman , stated that this day included cancer patients and their families in order to support them psychologically as a result of the hard circumstances and the psychological pressures they suffer from .
The children expressed their happiness by participating in several entertainment paragraphs and introducing the open day program .
The ceremony began with verses of the Holy Quran , also, at the end of the day , the children expressed their happiness as they are given gifts .