On Thursday, 21,07,2016 the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution has conducted its annual general assembly meeting with attendance of (2) representatives of ministry of national economy and (18) general assembly member in Gaza, Nablus, & Hebron.

During the meeting, the representative of ministry of national economy Mrs. Dima Al- Shawa  announced the completion of the quorum for the meeting. Hence ,  Mr. Ashraf Abu Nada the  chairman of the Board of directors headed the meeting and explained meeting’s agenda, that included approval of the annual managerial report(2015), the financial & auditing  report (2015), and annual budget(2016). Besides, The appointment of the external auditor for the center, and exemption of BoDs members from legal liability in 2015.

After discussion and ratification of the previous items by GA members, the attendees  were satisfied about the center performance and its ability to outreach for the most vulnerable groups in Palestinian territories during 2015.