PCDCR ending implementing the activities of “youth saving education” project

Gaza – PCDCR in cooperation with Nassij ended the last level of “youth saving education” project, which included 8 social initiatives, 4 in the Middle governorate and 4 in the North governorate.
The title of the first initiative is ” a colorful summer” , it was implemented on Gaza beach through the local society organizations that tackled 800 child in both governorates. The festivals included many activities such as puppet show, clown, folklore and other activities.

The title of the second initiative is “let’s start” since lately a dangerous phenomenon spread among youth which is “drug addiction” such as Altermal, as a result of the blockade on Gaza strip and the worsening of economical situation.
The spreading of this phenomenon leaded to social and psychological problems in society.
The initiative targeted 600 persons from the different categories of society, specially the youth and parents in order to raise awareness through workshops and media awareness.
The title of the third initiative is ” the safety places”, in which 4 games places were equipped in order to provide safety game places in the marginalized and borders areas after defining the needs of the area youth and children.
The last initiative title is ” the computerized education”, this initiative was implemented to help high-school students in mathematics through analyzing and facilitating the mathematics curriculum, preparing a summery with all difficult lessons and distributed 1600 CD copies for the tenth grade and 1600 CD copies for the eleventh grade.
At the end the coordinator of the project, Heba Al-Baz, reported that these initiatives had a great affect on both youth and children by spreading happiness among them, helping them in the educational program and giving them the chances of entertainment throughout the summer.