PCDCR conducts a Policy Day entitled “The Reconstruction Obstacles and its Effect on Women Housing Right”

December 19th, 2016
The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution conducted a policy day entitled “The Reconstruction Obstacles and its Effect on Women Housing Right” within the Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) in the Gaza Strip project which is implemented by the Center in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council and with the participation of the Engineer/ Bilal Al Yazgi, Emergency Assistance Coordinator Acting,  Mr. Mohammad Aboud, North Public Works Department Director (Public Works and Housing Ministry), Mr. Hassan Al Wali, IDP General Coordinator, the Engineer/ Mahmoud Al Kayal- Gaza Municipality, the Engineer/ Mohanad Al Qanoa, Head of the Engineering Department- Beit Hanoun Municipality and   Mr. Abed Al Monem Al Tahrawi, the project coordinator. In addition to a number of lawyers, community activists and some of the affected cases that took place in Al Salam Abu Hassira Restaurant in Gaza city.
Mr. Ahmad Hasouna, a lawyer in the Center opened this meeting by talking about the Center vision regarding the reconstruction issue as it’s a concern for all the Palestinians for its human dimension primarily, in addition to the political, economic and social dimensions etc. Moreover, this meeting discusses a very significant issue which is the reasons and obstacles which delay the reconstruction of the houses which were destroyed due to the continuous Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip.
Finally, the meeting included a negotiation among the participants resulted in many recommendations which are: reassessing Robert Serry agreement or revoke it, working on opening all the crossing borders to accelerate the construction materials entry, working on ending the internal division which obstacles the reconstruction, working on the reconstruction taking into consideration the industrial and agricultural urbanism and working on obligating the donors to fulfill their financial commitment.