PCDCR Conclude the Debate: Al-Azhar University defeated Gaza University

The Gaza Strip – 08 December 2015, with the funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolutions (PCDCR) concluded the final debate. The debate was about “Distributing the Governmental Lands on the Staff will Improve their Life Standard” as a part of “Youth for Civil Peace” project activities.

Actually, the final debate was between al-Azhar and Gaza Universities’ students who adopted two different point of views. Gaza university team was with the idea and the al-Azhar university was against whereas their point of views based on reasons and documents. they confirmed their opinions according to reports, statistics, and press declarations of important figures related to the subject. In addition, the legal, political and humanitarian sides of the subject were mentioned in the debate and as a result there were an interactive discussion about some issues such as: the legal body which has the right to declare a such decision and reality of this decision in terms of the lands size intended to be distributed.

The judges set the results based on a selection criteria to evaluate which group is the winner. Al-Azhar university defeated Gaza university.

Hanan al-Dalou, project coordinator, highlighted that PCDCR have been working with the Palestinian universities students to improve their debating skills for months. This aims to promote dialogue culture and civil peace terms when they adopt their issues and to help them to use modern styles in dialogue.

It is worth noting that, the participants received certificates and the winner team was honored at the end. PCDCR’s administration honored the deputies of the Palestinian universities and the judges who cooperate positively to achieve success.