PCDCR Calls For Adopting Minimum Wages Law in West Bank.

Nablus- Information Unit:

Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution called the government to adopt the minimum wages law by activating the role of labor unit, providing labor- based courts to follow- up the workers’ issues and strengthening the cooperation among Ministry of Labor and NGOs to secure the workers’ rights in their work.

These recommendations have been excluded after implementing 12 workshops and meetings with workers and NGOs within the project ” Active citizenship for adopting Minimum Wage Law” in cooperation with CRS in the sex WB governorates.

Ahmed Abu Ayesh, Nablus PCDCR Director said that adopting this law will improve the living standards for poor and vulnerable people. It will also contribute in alleviating the differences among people as well as achieving the social peace among workers and encouraging them to improve their performance in their work.

In his side, the project coordinator Esam Oda clarified the tough economic conditions of workers during the cost of living. He also highlighted the injustice against women worked in sewing, kindergartens and cleaning.

Since their salaries are not enough to cover their needs and demands of life.
He completed ” we contacted Ministry of Labor and inspection department in particular in order to increase the number of staff to be able to follow-up workers’ issues in WB governorates as well as providing legal support for them in the coming period”.

He also mentioned that the health insurance and retirement law for workers are only valid in the area of residence.

At the end of those workshops, workers emphasized on the importance of holding such these workshops in order to raise their awareness regarding their legal rights.