PCDCR beats University College friendly

The team of the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution beat its counterpart, the team of the University College .It scored 6 goals to 3 goals in the match between them at Al Mashtal sport club .
The match was very exciting . The University College’s team opened the match by the player ” Khalid Abu Amrah ” , then the Palestinian Center’s team scored 3 goals by the players ” Mohammed Al Kahlout , Ihab Abu El Kheir and Ahmed Abu Haseerah ” . The first period of the match was finished by scoring 3 goals for the Palestinian Center against a goal for the other team .
In the second period , the University College’s team tried to reach the goal of the Palestinian Center’s team and it scored a goal by the player ” Islam Yousif Rezka ” . Then the Palestinian Center’s team scored 2 goals by the players ” Abed Al Madhoun and Mumen Al Kahlout “. The University College’s team did its effort and scored a goal by the player ” Ramadan Mahmoud Al Nayrab ” . Few minutes before the end of the match , the player ” Mohammed Al Kahlout ” scored his second goal and the sixth goal for his team .