Palestine is the Only Absent Element from our Leaders Agenda

yes for national reconciliation, yes for the unity of Gaza and West Bank, yes to end the division status, tens of slogans which is risen up everyday in every spot of this fragmented homeland, tens of girls and boys every day call upon unity and ending division status, through hundreds of activities, but it seems that our leaders became deaf and blind, and they cannot see or hear anymore.
Indeed it is strange how the Palestinian leadership is as if all of them like to be discriminated, different and unique un like the others.
History and humanitarian experiences in all nations that differed and fought each other, taught us that if leaderships start initiatives for the nation reconciliation and ending the fragmentation and division status.
Implementing national programs to convince the nation the necessity of forgetting the past and everyone starts to work together to serve our country Palestine or the remnant of Palestine.
We can see that the people of Palestine is the one who pities the leaders to reach reconciliation or work for the interests of country which is the only absent element in their political calculations.
A big question which imposes itself, why for all of these complications ? and why the leadership insists on putting obstacles under big replicated terms, they once call for national reconciliation and some times not to give up other times regional pressures, isn’t it better for both parties to move forward, as I think all Palestinian political factions bear the historical responsibility without an exception and not only Fatah and Hamas.
They should realize that the Palestinian people got bored because of these silly negotiations and the they became aware and believe that all these conflicts are nothing but an endeavors to gain more factional benefits, as if it was a negotiation between two enemies or countries and they all forgot that the achievement will not exceed a little bits presented from Israel.
Didn’t the leadership recognize that the only victim who pays for their conflicts and silliness is the Palestinian people, while they still enjoying all luxury and welfare life and were not affected by the division and siege, acting on television as if they care .
I wonder didn’t the leaders read the public opinions, didn’t they get scared by the average of people who wants to immigrate, wasn’t the huge number of people who don’t trust sufficient to stop them.
Didn’t they take into consideration that we are able to account them for what they commit against us and against the remnants of this country.
A word that I would like to say as a citizen and which I think that lot of people wish to be able say it, wake up leaders before it comes a time in which young generation curse you before old ones, wake up and keep Palestine in your mind and not your factions , wake up and listen to your people voices and not your positions because all of what you own will not ever last, the only remnant is what you present to this fragmented homeland.