Jawwal holds a meeting about the problems Jawwal subscribers suffer from

Today , 04/03/2010 ; Jawwal co. in cooperation with the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution held a meeting at the center in Gaza about the problems and the obstacles that Jawwal subscribers suffer from . The meeting is attended by Jawwal co. members and the Palestinian Center officials .
The administrative and financial affairs coordinator, Mrs. Muna Ghuneim , welcomed the attendees of Jawwal co. and the center .
The administrative manager of Jawwal co. , Mohammed Musa , lead the meeting explaining the techniques of the company’s work and their services to the subscribers . He talked about the transmitting stations and the net capacity of getting new subscribers , explaining that the cause of problems the subscribers confront is the Israeli occupation prevention of the entry of the needs to Gaza Strip and the separation of the electricity .
Also , he explained the benefits and the importance of the transmitting stations and that there is a treatment plan to improve the transmitting stations and get about 50 power generators .
At the end of the meeting , the attendees made a discussion and some inquiries , Mr. Mohammed Musa answered them and he thanked the cooperation of the Palestinian center .