Improved access to protection and health services for children woth chronic diseases and disabilities in Gaza

Project Title: Improved access to protection and health services for children woth chronic diseases and disabilities in Gaza.

Implementation Period: 15 months (01/12/2015 – 28/02/2017)

Donor: Save the Children.

Thematic Program: Children Rights Protection Program

Targeted Group: Children.


Many Palestinians children are affected by extraordinary violence, caused by armed conflict and non conflict based violence at home and in school and the wider community. Israeli house demolitions, military incursions, night researches, harassment at chechpoints, settler attacks, along with school and comunity violence compound the distress of children and families, creating a situation which is persistently undermining the resilience and wellbeing of population.

Palestinian children are severaly affected by the conflict -especially in terms of accessing their right to suitable education and their rights to protection from physical and psychosocial harm. Children in nearly a third of all families experience anixiety the long term physical, emotional and social wellbeing of children.

Main Objective: Enhanced resilience and reduced protection and health risks for the most vulnrable boys and girls in Gaza Strip.

Specific Objectives:

  • Increased use of quality protective learning enviroment by boys and girls.
  • Improved wellbeing for boys and girls affected by psychosocial and child protection issues.
  • Enhanced psychosocial wellbeing and coping of targeted children and their families in Gaza.
  • Children and their families have increased awareness child rights and ways of reporting child rights abuses.


  • Conduct 6 mobilization meetings for 6 committees in the targeted communities.
  • Conduct 30 training days for 6 children committees.
  • Conduct 6 child led initiatives.
  • Conduct 60 child resilience workshops for children, targeted 720 children.
  • Conduct 40 child resilience workshops for parents, targeted 600 parents.
  • Conduct 6 summer camps.
  • Conduct 2 training groups for partners social workers on gender sensitive, CYR and SYSM.
  • Conduct referral/services for specific protection cases.
  • Conduct awareness sessions/community based protection and referral system.
  • Conduct 60 sessions UXO/MRE sessions with 900 children.