I hate her ..I will kill her .. Help me

A girl aged 17-year-old, is suffering of wrong ideas and strange desire and determination to kill her fiancé’s mother after marriage…

She even has plans how to end her life!!

((I hate her ,she is always innerving between me and my future husband, why I have to stand her ,she is dominated him and am sick of her insulting me ))

The girl thought that things will never change or solve, she talked through telephone (Toll free) expressing her feeling and afraid to be known, threaten to do what she is planning to.

The team, after a long process, convinced her to meet in the Center and after awhile the team convinced her family to wait until they can help their daughter and even help her future husband before something bad happen and make them all regret for not asking for help.

She is suffering of abuse, pressure, violence and psychological problems but after psychological intervention and follow-up extension via meetings and telephone, her bad ideas started to be replaced by more positive ideas.

She even started to think if this is the propel person to marry or not and she learned that problems can be solved far away from violence.

She has reached that he is not her future husband, since he has an dependent personality belongs to his mother, irresponsible, cannot solve problems encountered, not trusted or depended upon, and the most important that she understood she is still young and need more stability.

Her family accepted to let her complete her study and to have new ideas to a new better life.