I am the killer

” I am the killer ” the child shouted .
This is a story about the child ” w ” , before he had joint the first grade . The child is handsome and smart , his mother said that he will be like his father .
His father is an officer and most of the time he is out home , his mother sometimes goes shopping and they leave their children alone at home .
One day , the father and the mother went out their home and left their children alone , also, the father left his pistol unlocked . The father said that they used to watch the series specially ” Nasar series ” .
The father said that his child ,who is clever and naughty, took the pistol and shoot his brother while he was sleeping , then he sit in the corner quietly without shouting or crying . I tried to convince him that the Israeli occupation shoot his brother not him , but till now he says that he is the killer .
The child’s father brought his child to the Palestinian center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution and told the psychological counselor the story . The counselor found that the child suffers from neural excess , nightmares , fear , distraction , headache ,cramps and a decline in the academic achievement .
Then by the counseling sessions , the child started going out alone , going to school, his academic level is increased and he became familiar with his family .