Household violence and abuse within the family

Written by:Nour Jaber

Relations among family are the main axes for human life and man existence.
Then where is violence and why for violence and where the psychological, physical, social, economical and sexual abuse among family, and how it happen, perhaps the most important reason for household violence is the collaborating of emotional intensity characteristics with personal intimate relations in family life, and family ties are always charged with emotions whether by love or hate, so we usually see quarrels as a result of retracting hatred feelings to love or the opposite.
The other reason can be that tolerance and indifference in such Quarrels in society would make it end as a phenomenon, but remains inwardly and children gain it from the surrounding and the rest of family.
Household violence is an acquired behavior from family or one of family members, and is not the result of genes, since the child learns about life by acquisition which become later a daily behavior practiced routinely, for instance , girls like to imitate their mothers in the way of speech, clothing, while boys always act as their fathers specially in the early years from three to five years old, this period called the “serious” period to acquire behavior.
To sum up the household violence is the result of upbringing and acquiring customs from family first and society, so if we want to change or alleviate this phenomenon from society it depends on where we are, what we want, and our behaviors which are our children’s heritage after us, and to look to ourselves before looking to a phenomenon which caused by us.