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The program works for a supportive protective environment for children in general and disabled in particular where all enjoy their rights to quality education, protection from all forms of abuse. The program addresses children self-protection mechanisms as well as educating caregivers with needed knowledge having their skills and expertise improved to protect their children. Additionally, building the capacities of workers in the field of psychosocial support and child protection, contributing to reduce children’s labor, monitoring and documentation of the violations of children’s rights, intensifying lobbying and advocacy mechanisms to improve the legislation, policies and regulations related to children’s rights.

Main achievements under this program:

  • Innovative institutionalization of traditional interventions through awareness raising sessions, training courses for Mukhtars, Imams and reconciliation committees’ members involving them in protecting children from abuse through new mechanisms.
  • Effective interventions  in issues classified as highly sensitive or even a  taboo for the favor of sexually abused children.
  • Unique contribution targeting children in conflict with law developing proper judicial procedures and detention measures and conditions as well as representing them before courts and during detention and investigation.
  • Capacity building programs for law enforcement bodies to guarantee human rights fulfillment at police stations, prosecution departments and judicial system.
  • Remarkable contribution in advocacy for fulfillment of the rights of children where advocacy strategy is efficient in multi dimensions.
  • Enhancement of community-based approach for children protection and learning.
  • Development of credible and regularly updated database and statistics regarding thousands of children provided with psychosocial and legal support services as victims of violence.
  • Improvement of the children wellbeing through psychosocial support and legal aid services accompanied with recreational activities.
  • Raised awareness of children and their parents on how to protect themselves from violence, exploitation and sexual abuse.
  • Formation and capacity building for child protection teams to respond actively to emergency situations and crisis.
  • Contribution to the reduction of child labor  providing  needed services for children engaged to labor market .
  • Contribution to developing and modifying  legislations, policies and laws& its regulations relevant to children’s rights.
  • Skills, knowledge and experiences significantly improved for workers in the field of child protection in different institutions: Capacity building training courses held for PCDCR teams, CBOs staff, employees in care centers and social workers dealing with children in conflict with law.

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