Children between reality and aspiration

The Palestinian center for democracy and conflict resolution get from the ministry of social affairs a list of children who works in hard circumstances aged under 18 years old, where a team of psychological and social support visited the children’s families in order to know the reasons of preventing the children from education and enforcing them to work .and during these visits it becomes Claire that most of the reasons are attributed to social and economic reasons.
Also some of those children were transferred to the center and started therapy program with them through individual follow – up aiming at offering them psychological support and help them each according his ability.
The coordinator of Gaza province Manal zen el den within childhood protection team project, together with psychologist Hania baaloosha , and in cooperation with the ministry of education ,and the education directorate in the UNRWA facilitated the procedures of getting back to school some of the children who wished to go back to school and proceed with their education.
However , there was a high collaboration from both sides to facilitate this , and already two students joined in the governmental schools and two others joined in the UN schools.
The ministry of education confirmed that this initiative was unprecedented, as it estimated the center efforts and all those involved, confirming its strong commitment to proceed this cooperation.
This activity comes within the first initiative of the center , the coordinator Manal Zen El-Den reported. Also she will continue her work to help children and keep them from loss and protect their desired rights.
Finally, we work on the integration of another number of children and join their in the professional training program according to the desire of their caregivers.