Escaping from loss

The child ( M) , 10 years old in the fourth grade , left the school since more than a month without any reason just the negligence and the lack of interest of education.
Some of his friends told him about another place of education ,where they found pleasure and qualified and cooperative teachers, within a project to improve there educational level, and he knew that the name of the project is ” Children protection team” .
(M) accepted to go with them, and he could have a great number of new friends .
The activators noticed his problem after several sessions as he didn’t go to school, but he is regular in the group and in doing all the assigned tasks. Therefore, they decided to talk to him , visit his home and recognize the his environment.
They started to understand his circumstances, also (M) asked their help to return to his school as the rest of his colleagues.
On the context, the activator and his family visited the school and submit a request to return him to his school. We noticed his commitment with his group at Al-Falah Benevolent Institution and a progress in attaining the subjects in general and the Arabic language in particular, as the project presented educational sessions at ( Arabic, Mathematics and English ) .
Finally, (M) became diligent and started to make greater performance towards his future.

The sun shine again

a mother ( S) attended the Palestinian centre for democracy and conflict resolution in order to ask a help for her son’s wife (M) aged 23 years and have a son and a daughter. Mrs. (S ) mentioned that her son’s wife is obedient to the family and doesn’t talk a lot, but she don’t care of her appearance , her children and her husband as well as she don’t participate in social events of the family , so her husband disliked her and started to look for another wife.
PCDCR had its role in this case ,where I visited the family and meet her (M). we discussed together the causes of her reactions until I know the basic reasons.
On the other hand, I contacted with her husband in order to know the real reasons for hating his wife . and we agreed on a mechanism to talk with his wife and teaching her some of the social skills and how to deal with her husband and children.
After few days, the husband called to thank my intervention to help them and told me the changes of their relation which reflected the happiness in the family, as the husband get red of his desire of marriage and started to deal with his family in a nice way.
And its not the end , I visited the family to know the range of change and they thank me and the centre for the intervention and for programs which served in re- covering the family again.

Children between reality and aspiration

The Palestinian center for democracy and conflict resolution get from the ministry of social affairs a list of children who works in hard circumstances aged under 18 years old, where a team of psychological and social support visited the children’s families in order to know the reasons of preventing the children from education and enforcing them to work .and during these visits it becomes Claire that most of the reasons are attributed to social and economic reasons.
Also some of those children were transferred to the center and started therapy program with them through individual follow – up aiming at offering them psychological support and help them each according his ability.
The coordinator of Gaza province Manal zen el den within childhood protection team project, together with psychologist Hania baaloosha , and in cooperation with the ministry of education ,and the education directorate in the UNRWA facilitated the procedures of getting back to school some of the children who wished to go back to school and proceed with their education.
However , there was a high collaboration from both sides to facilitate this , and already two students joined in the governmental schools and two others joined in the UN schools.
The ministry of education confirmed that this initiative was unprecedented, as it estimated the center efforts and all those involved, confirming its strong commitment to proceed this cooperation.
This activity comes within the first initiative of the center , the coordinator Manal Zen El-Den reported. Also she will continue her work to help children and keep them from loss and protect their desired rights.
Finally, we work on the integration of another number of children and join their in the professional training program according to the desire of their caregivers.

Household violence and abuse within the family

Written by:Nour Jaber

Relations among family are the main axes for human life and man existence.
Then where is violence and why for violence and where the psychological, physical, social, economical and sexual abuse among family, and how it happen, perhaps the most important reason for household violence is the collaborating of emotional intensity characteristics with personal intimate relations in family life, and family ties are always charged with emotions whether by love or hate, so we usually see quarrels as a result of retracting hatred feelings to love or the opposite.
The other reason can be that tolerance and indifference in such Quarrels in society would make it end as a phenomenon, but remains inwardly and children gain it from the surrounding and the rest of family.
Household violence is an acquired behavior from family or one of family members, and is not the result of genes, since the child learns about life by acquisition which become later a daily behavior practiced routinely, for instance , girls like to imitate their mothers in the way of speech, clothing, while boys always act as their fathers specially in the early years from three to five years old, this period called the “serious” period to acquire behavior.
To sum up the household violence is the result of upbringing and acquiring customs from family first and society, so if we want to change or alleviate this phenomenon from society it depends on where we are, what we want, and our behaviors which are our children’s heritage after us, and to look to ourselves before looking to a phenomenon which caused by us.

The little artist

Eleven years old Muhannad Qrainawi , has a great talent in ‎painting, he is one of the beneficiaries of Safe Areas for ‎Emergency Education project, which is implemented by the ‎PCDCR in cooperation of SCS Foundation and funded by ‎ROTA .‎
Muhannad is in the sixth grade, he benefited greatly from the ‎project, he also raised his educational level ,in addition he ‎exercised his hobby of painting through the project.‎
Muhannad had expressed a great talent in painting and hand ‎crafts in general, he is very active ,he always presents the first ‎and departs the last.‎
Muhannad’s teachers are very happy with his presence, they say ‎that he makes the atmosphere of the project vital.
‎ When we visited the Center, which the project is implemented ‎in, we’ve been welcomed by Muhannad with a smile on his face, ‎and he offered us to see his drawings.‎
‎ He took us to the upper floor and show us his drawings, he ‎talked about his friends who share in this work, and expressed ‎his delight to the opportunity offered by the project to exercise ‎his hobby and to work on his educational development at the ‎same time. ‎


Wrote by: Lana Hijazi
Safe Areas for Emergency Education in Gaza Strip Project” is a project held by Save the Children Organization and the PCDCR, and is funded by Rota. This project is founded to help provide education and support to children in the troubled city of Gaza Strip. One of the main concerns of the project is the impact of war and destruction on Gaza’s youth, and the emotional and psychological effects of these events on an entire generation of children.
Children lack the ability to understand what is going around them and therefore fail to handle it and deal with it. Which, in many cases, cause them psychological problems that shows up in their behavior and the way they deal with the world around them.

Abdul-Aziz is among those children. He is a 10 years old boy, who lives in Um Al Nasser zone in Gaza strip. This zone was affected badly during the latest Israeli attack in December, 2008. As for Abdul-Aziz, he developed an aggressive personality which also affected his interest in school.

Teachers at “Safe Areas for Emergency Education in Gaza Strip Project” noticed Abdul-Aziz attitude, which was also reflected adversely on some of his class mates. Therefore, the teachers took several steps in order to help Abdul-Aziz both in his studies and the reshaping of his personality.

Abdul-Aziz was assigned to be his class leader, a position which required that he helps with organizing the class and help the teachers with some simple tasks. Teachers believed that this will encourage the boy to maintain a decent behavior and set a good example for his class mates. In addition, they paid extra care and attention in order to help him with his school work. All the hard work paid off, and as a result, Abdul-Aziz showed a great improvement at his studies. And as a class leader, he was a good influence on his class mates


Wrote by: Lana Hijazi
Majd is a disabled child ,he used to set alone and to stay by himself for long time, because he thinks that he is not like other children and he isn’t able to play with them.
Children in Community Based Child Protection in The Gaza Strip Project, went to Majd’s house .
They invited him to come and share them in the activities, which are held during Community Based Child Protection in The Gaza Strip Project.
Majd was afraid that other children will not accept him, he hesitated to go, but in the end he went there.
Every body welcomed Majd and they played with him many different games.
In the end of the day,Majd was happy and he learnt his rights and other children also do.


Wrote by: Lana Hijazi
In order to bring up productive and educated individuals, it is very important to make sure to nourish their souls and minds. That’s a main goal for the “Safe Areas for Emergency Education in Gaza Strip Project”. Therefore, a close attention is paid to the emotional and mental health of the students.

Students progress and performance is closely monitored by the teachers to make sure that they are at their best.

Yousef is one of the students who used to attend the remedial lessons offered by “Safe Areas for Emergency Education in Gaza Strip Project”. This project is held by the Save the Children Organization and the PCDCR, and is funded by Rota.

For few days, Yousef didn’t make it to the classes, which got his teachers concerned. They inquired about his absence from his class mates and they found out that he was going through a family crisis caused by his parents separation.

Teachers arranged a visit to Yousef’s house and encouraged him not to skip his classes. Their visit and encouragement had a great impact on Yousef, who returned to his classes. But it wasn’t over there; the teachers went ahead and arranged a meeting between Yousef and his mom, whom he didn’t see for a month due to the separation. That meeting replaced Yousef’s worries and concerns with peace of mind and hope that things will be better, allowing him to get back to concentrating on his classes and Future.

Children between family division and poverty

To be the mediator (in the Mediation and Arbitration’s Department) is as if you were in the middle of a battle where strikes often are not intentional, or if you were a messenger for a letter that is screaming not to shot it.
On the other hand, you can feel as you are a drop of ink reflects the feelings of the parties. A person can see through his life, long or short, many images and can pass through different situations that memorized in his mind and generated millions of thoughts while some case passed through us as clouds.
Some situations can not be portrayed through simple pictures; hence I wrote to reflect any situation that astounded me through words.
An old lady held in her hands two exhausted kids of seven and eight years old. She was hasting and the two kids were stumbling. The old woman was screaming “Hurry! I wonder when God will liberate me from you!” I was astonished by both her words and act. Many thoughts rivaled in my mind, all of them conveying feelings of astonishment and wonder. One thought suddenly sprang up like a light, this lady might be their mother but her age made me put this thought aside. Maybe she is their grandmother, but I excluded this thought too leaning on the saying “Nothing is more precious than a grandchild”.
If they are her grandchildren, this would be a mere assumption or legends of the forefathers. Then I decided to go and ask her whether I can help, but I gave away this idea for fear that she might be waiting one of my colleagues. So I waited and after awhile one of my colleagues arrived and requested me to help her with the woman’s case.
And I said “Yes, off course”.
In my office, the old lady said “These children are my grandchildren. Their parents were divorced since three years and their father is unable to take care of them because of his financial situation. I requested their mother to take responsibility of her children but she refused claiming that she can’t support them because of her father’s bad income and lack of space in her family home. I want to give up their custody for the sake of an institution that takes care of them.”
For a second, I stopped listening to her, contradicting by this the communication skills of any successful mediator ,but I looked at their eyes, their beauty, how innocent they are! What a painful future they will have if the wishes of their grandmother come true. I wonder whether they are aware of what is going on. Maybe they think of a long journey to an amusement center or a recreational place for children.
How astonishing! A father wants to abandon his children for the economic situation and a mother wants to abandon them for the same reason. I can understand their problem and how people governed by poverty but I know that noting will help children broken heart to recover again after losing faith in their mother and father. Suddenly, you will find yourself in front of “crime” not ”case” and then you will face another question if it is just a crime who is the ” offender”!!
Father, Mother, Poverty, the Critical Situation in the Gaza Strip, etc… you still can’t tell!!
“Our children are our livers walking on the ground”, how can poverty be a means of ending the dream of normal and warm life!

Many reasons have led this old lady to put in danger children as young as flowers. I asked her if this is the only reason. She answered “Yes”. I asked her if this is the wish of the father. She replied “Yes”.

I took the name of the mother and her address and requested her to take the children and give me two days. She left thinking that she failed in her mission.

I wrote down all the details without neglecting any small detail. I did not consider the case as an ordinary family dispute but considered its humanitarian aspects which encouraged me to exert all my efforts to help these two children.when knoking the door of their mother family home, an old man opened the door and let me in.
It is not necessary to be a psychiatrist to notice his angry mood. After I listened to the story from his point of view, I tried to explain that these children are as young as flowers, why you refused sheltering them. As I expected, the old man replied angrily and loudly” do you want us to raise his children ” and he insisted on his view, strangely refused to take them or even see them ,so I asked him to let me talk with their mother.
I was shocked of her reply at first but then I realized that she owns nothing and she is trying to keep her tears away. I heard her scrams just by looking in her eyes so I decided to try more and more.
Then I got an idea; let’s give them a chance. I convinced them to have the children for two days per week and then I had long conversations with the father who was under the pressure of his old lady and life difficulties.
I will try to be strong for my children and I will insist to have them; my life without them means nothing, reply the father.
I was happy to see a smile in the children face when they saw their parents came to take them. This was the minimum solution to a family in such circumstances. Keeping children in their family warm and love is the ultimate goal to any mediator.

Started with ((I don’t need help)) and finished with ((Wish you more success))

I need nobody to help me; I trust nobody. You all give me hope and then just disappear like a mirage. You only leave me pain and disability to stand up and walk.

I do not believe it. I am walking. I am in the center of Gaza City, standing up alone, walking and running.

I love you and thank you.

Do not marvel of this contradiction. In the first attitude, it’s Sadeya ((the hopeless)) after I have tried medicine and medicaments that did not work.

In the second attitude, I am Saadeya who have been born again by those wonderful people who work in the protection team’s project and who helped me a lot through support and psychological guidance and now I am capable of standing up and walking after my hopelessness.

All what I can say that I love you all and thank you a lot and I say that there are still tens of cases like mine who need your help.

Sadeya Dawood

I am Um Leila. I have attended one of the awareness sessions in Deir Al-Balah city about child rights and the effects of violence and violation on child. At the end of the sessions, I talked with the Psychologist and told her about my son case and how he shocked due to the Israeli bombardment and then he was disabled to talk. Now it is the third year that my son is living in a case of sudden dumbness.

She went with me to home and started talk and psychological support sessions with my son. These sessions continued through 2 months. Now I am writing my words while my son is talking to me.

No words can express my happiness but I can only say ((thank you a lot and wish you success in your wonderful work))

Um Leila