Rania, a ten- year old girl, is characterized with innocence, beauty and quietness. During the last war on Gaza in 2014, Rania’s right hand has been seriously injured, negatively affecting the movement of her hand. This made her suffer from mental disorder such as having nightmares and screaming once she hears the rain sound. It was noticed that she had a weak educational attainment and became more violent with her siblings. She has not been received enough attention to get her out from isolation, fear, shyness and violence state.


Rania has been chosen in the project “ Psychological social support for children in emergency case”, where she has been able to get benefit from several activities of protecting and improving the psychological state for children in the Gaza Strip. At the beginning of the project, she was introvert and was always preferring not to communicate with other female students. This project has been working on getting Rania out of solitude and shyness through implementing several activities related to the management of psychological stress. These activities include field visits, dialogue session, individual and collective guidance, relaxation exercises, self- discovery, and self- healing. In addition, the project has provided some advice regarding how to deal with others, play sports, fill her time with useful things to her study and future, believe in fate and destiny, and overcome difficulties to achieve the goal she aspires to.


Day by day, Rania started overcoming the barrier of shyness and loneliness and making friends. Getting more involved in class activities and getting higher marks than those of the pre- test have been clearly observed. The girl has become more optimistic ,active and initiative and believed in positive change.

Confused Mom,and Afraid Son

Sh. K is a child has 11 years old. She and her mother attended  in a family center; since the child seemed to be so frightened and disturbed. The mother narrated her story that in a night of the last war, the child family was Foreshadowed to leave their home in order to be shelled; where their children were sleeping.

The parents carried their children quickly and move outside the home. During that, the first rocket was fallen. The children became scaring and crying. Then warplane shelled the area instead of them. Sh.K has seen the bomb and lost her consciousness.

From that time the child became so scared, Adjacent to her mother, suffered from nightmares and bedwetting as well as low educational achievement. The child was transferred to the counselor.

An intervention plan was organized for the child including relaxation, positive imagination and thinking to alleviate the negative thinking of the war, positive dialogue with the child to strengthen the self- trust. In additions, many trainings were implemented to help the child go to the bathroom at night to get rid of bedwetting. 

After 13 sessions, it was noticed that Sh.K. became more self-confident and felt safety with her family.  In additions, her educational achievement was increased.

She Lost Her Husband, and Just the Home Remained to Her

Sabrin is a lady has 25 years and living in Shejaeya. She and her family suffered from the last war on Gaza; since their home was shelled from the Israeli warplane and her husband was injured. He stayed in the intensive care unit 70 days ago then died.

The lady was shocked where she could not realized that the person who strengthen them in difficult conditions and their supporter has gone. This accident left very sad impact to her three sons and she; since she felt of loneliness and Introversion. She left her work and stayed at home.

During the group counseling sessions presented by PCDCR, Sabrine attended in Zahra association where the educator presented 8 sessions for them talking about the bad memories of the last war and its impact to their lives. The educator tried to alleviate the trauma.  

Sabrin’s attitude has changed since she became self- confident and love the life because of her children.

Children Lives in Peace,Safe Home this is What We Dream

Mohammed and Mahmoud are brothers living in Shejaeya. During the last war on Gaza, the Jejaeya has been shelled and destroyed by the Israeli forces. Their house was crashed and their elder brother’s wife was killed hence they were obliged to evacuate from their home specially after the Israeli invasion.

During the PCDCR emergency visits to Shejaeya, both brothers were merged in primary psychosocial support. Then the counselor noticed that they suffered from psychosocial problems such as bedwetting, fear from darkness and aggressive behavior. Therefore, both siblings were transferred to individual counseling and an intervention plans has been organized from them.

The plans included many techniques as relaxation before sleeping, positive imagination and thinking to alleviate the negative thinking of the war, positive dialogue with the child to strengthen the self- trust. In additions, many trainings were implemented to help the children go to the bathroom at night to get rid of bedwetting.

After many sessions, Mohammed and Mahmoud became better and they stopped bedwetting. however, they need more follow up and the counselor still working them.

Will I stay all my life with one hand??

Painful words a sex- grade girl address her mother everyday complaining the inability of her left hand. She was embarrassed of her status and felt different from them.
Haneen has a lack of oxygen during her birth which caused cerebral palsy and led to paralysis in her left hand. Her family tried to rescue her by all mean but in vain.
She grew up to find herself different from her peers, frustrated and withdrawn. She refused to go to school and put her hand in her pocket at all times.
When remedial education and psychological support for children launched, the PCDCR staff wnet to Haneen school and met a group of students since she was one of them. Then, they communicated with her mother, who explained her case. Then the specialist designed a plan for treatment. The specialist began to visit Haneen in her school, and worked to integrate her with the students through games by putting her a leader of the game….etc.
This pushed Haneen to get her weak hand out to help herself. In addition teachers asked the students some questions in which encourages her to stand and answer. Teachers were asked to follow the same method with Haneen without embarrassing. Her mother also were recommended to engage her in the housework.
After two months of follow-up, Haneen has volunteered in one of the associations, her mother said that the teachers told her that Haneen became more involved in the class, and walked with her peers in the school hall. She also went to the association with her friends and started helping her mother in the housework.
Note: Haneen is an alias

Polygamy and its Effects to Children

Our story talks about a ten- year old girl who is the oldest in her family. Her father has married three wives and their life became worse and worse. This affected her psychological and social circumstances whereas she became more sensitive and nervous. She beat her peers in school and did not respect neither her parents nor teachers.

I contacted her mother about her situation. She told me that she found many difficulties while treating with her; and she felt shy to ask about her in the school. She also added that her scientific achievement declined day after day.

I arranged many sessions to provide her some ways to communicate with others particularly her mother and teachers. I found that the girl needs trust man to talk with; and she that with me.

The girl performance become better and her scientific achievement is increased. Her mother thanked me because of the changes accrued in her character.

Boys are Better Than Girls

“Malak” is a fourth grade child who prefers to play with boys. She wears and talks like them. The PCDCR team made a visit for her family and spoke with her mother. She told them that her daughter likes to play football with her cousin in the street barefooted; she also attends all the parties held in streets.

Her mom added that her father and she tried to change her behavior but in vain.

Through a meeting joined the psychologist and Malak, she said that her sisters do not behave like her. The psychologist asked her if she had female girls; Malak said that she had but does not prefer to play with them.

The psychologist tried to help her by holding psychologist sessions, and tried to incorporate her with other female peers using groups. Malak changes her behavior by the time and played with her girls who became her friends at last.

I am the killer

” I am the killer ” the child shouted .
This is a story about the child ” w ” , before he had joint the first grade . The child is handsome and smart , his mother said that he will be like his father .
His father is an officer and most of the time he is out home , his mother sometimes goes shopping and they leave their children alone at home .
One day , the father and the mother went out their home and left their children alone , also, the father left his pistol unlocked . The father said that they used to watch the series specially ” Nasar series ” .
The father said that his child ,who is clever and naughty, took the pistol and shoot his brother while he was sleeping , then he sit in the corner quietly without shouting or crying . I tried to convince him that the Israeli occupation shoot his brother not him , but till now he says that he is the killer .
The child’s father brought his child to the Palestinian center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution and told the psychological counselor the story . The counselor found that the child suffers from neural excess , nightmares , fear , distraction , headache ,cramps and a decline in the academic achievement .
Then by the counseling sessions , the child started going out alone , going to school, his academic level is increased and he became familiar with his family .

War residues

A. is 5 years old , he had a shock during the war on Gaza as a result, he stopped talking and refused to talk to anybody in his house and the kindergarten .
There was psycho dramatic sessions within the psychosocial support project for the kindergarten children and their parents . A. didn’t participate in the activities or talk to his friends so, the activator tried to make him participate in the activities .
When the puppets show started , he was being attracted and smiling .
After that , when the children started drawing , he refused to draw but in the middle of the activity he started drawing .The activator noticed that he drew a lot of destroyed houses and the armed forces .
Although all the children talked about their graphics , he was silent . Then the activator gave the children presents in order to encourage them to draw more graphics , when he gave A. a present , he was very happy .
The child’s grandmother came the next day to meet the activator ,thanked him and told him that the child talked for the first time after the war about the present he has received , the games and the activities he has practiced .
When the child came the next day , he started talking to the activator and to his friends and practiced all the games and activities .
This story is one of a lot of the success stories that the project realized as these stories reflect the importance of the activities in supporting and reinforcing the children .

The pain of the four age child

M. is a four age child , his father was killed in the war on Gaza , the thing that affected him so, he became an introvert . Before the killing of his father , he was active and went to the kindergarten actively and played with his friends .
After the killing of his father , he became sad , introvert and his weight was decreased. The Palestinian center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution held psycho-dramatic sessions within the activities of the ” Psychosocial support project ” for the kindergarten children and their parents in Gaza Strip .
M. was one of those children whom the activator noticed his fear of dealing with others . She tried to make him participate in the activities but he was hesitant . When the activator gave him coloring pencils, he drew several paintings about war planes , helicopters , rockets and a man in the grave . The activator asked him about his paintings and he started to talk his father’s accident . Then the activator reassured him that the war was finished and that the people who died went to better place . After that the child started participating in the activities particularly, the puppets and he felt happy . The next day , his mother came to the kindergarten as she noticed the positive change on her child ‘s behavior , she said that when her child came back home the day before , he was happy and he talked about the games and the puppets .
In the second session , the child dealt with the children and practiced all the activities with pleasure . Also, his mother said that he woke up early and he was eager to go to the kindergarten .
At the end , M. and all the children were very happy and asked if the activators will visit them again to play with them or not .