Young Woman Leaders Program –Work Placement

Project title: Young Woman Leaders Program –Work Placement

Donor: UNRWA

Thematic Programme: Woman Support and Empowerment Program

target group: Young women and fresh graduates “.

Implementation period:  10 months 1/2/201530/11/2015



Due to the ongoing blockade and high rates of unemployment, this project aims to enhance the employment opportunities for 500 young female graduates in Gaza Strip to improve their access to work opportunities in the labor market and foster their knowledge and skills gained in the university which will benefit the graduates in their communities. Moreover, the work placement also supports the private sector development in Gaza Strip. The Work placement is divided into 3 phases providing a total number of 500 graduates with a monthly stipend of 100 USD for each graduate.


Overall objective:

The overall objective of the project is to empower female university graduates through fostering their skills and abilities making them employable individuals for the labor market while at the same time supporting the private sector and economy of Gaza.


Specific objectives:

  • To select qualified project staff.
  • To make all coordination and arrangements in order to carry out the project effectively and efficiently.
  • To select the companies and CBOs which are ready to take the YWLP participants in job placement
  • To equip the participants with the names of their work Placement that match the requirement of job market.
  • To monitor the commitment of the graduates during work placement.
  • To assess the impact of job placements scheme, orientation working days and small scale projects on female graduates and to measure to what extent these interventions have achieved its goals.
  • To report about the project activities and financial transactions.



  • Announce advertisement on PCDCR’s website about the project vacancies.
  • In coordination with UNRWA, Conduct interviews with candidates.
  • Sign contracts with selected staff.
  • Design project work plan including method of selecting graduates, companies and CBOs, logistical arrangements-transportation and hospitality.
  • CBOs and Companies that are ready and have willingness to take the YWLP participants in job placement.
  • Distributed all over Gaza Strip governorates.
  • Distribute YWLP participants on the selected companies and CBOs.
  • Discussing with the managers of companies and CBOs the achievements of the graduates and their new skills.
  • Prepare a narrative report. a report after each phase detailing feedback and evaluation of work placement.

Promotion and Improvment of Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Rights for Women in the Gaza Strip

Project title: Promotion and Improvment of Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Rights for Women in the Gaza Strip.

Implementation Period: 12 months (01/01/2015 – 31/12/2015)

Donor: NRC

Thematic Program: Woman Support and Empowerment Program


According to research on women’s HLP rights recently undertaken by NRC, women are frequently knowledgeable about their rights to inheritance and wish to claim their rights, but the consequences for doing so may be too high. Women face being cut off from their families and this can be a major deterrent to claiming their rights as well as a major cause of personal and social friction and division. As a result, this project will particularly focus on targeting men through information sessions in relation to women’s HLP rights to better understand women’s rights as part of community rights that both the Shari’a law and Palestinian law gives women and men HLP rights equally.

Main Objective: To contibute to promoting women’s housing, land and property (HLP) rights in Gaza Strip.

Project Objective: To enhance the protection of the rights of women and vulnerable communities in Gaza Strip (HLP) through improved access, information, legal services and advocacy in relation to their HLP rights and by advancing the role of civil society in monitoring HLP issues.

Targeted Groups:

  • 500 Palestinians (350 women and 150 men) in vulnerable communities in Gaza Strip, will receive legal information on women’s HLP rights.
  • 270 women will recieve legal assistance, including legal counselling and/or representation, from PCDCR before traditional, administrative and judicial authorities in Gaza.
  • 50 traditional community leaders will receive legal training focus on meditation and arbiration
  • Family members and communities of the targeted groups.


  • Provision of legal assistance including counselling and/or representation for 270 women facing challenges in accessing HLP rights before traditional, administrative and judicial bodies.
  • Provision of 30 legal information sessions on HLP rights to gassroots organisations targeting 500 persons (350 women and 150 men) in vulnerable communities.
  • Provision of three legal trainings on women’s HLP rights targeting for 50 female mukhtars.
  • Coordination of legal aid service providers through the Lagal Task Force in Gaza.
  • Organisation of 6 bi-monthly information sharing workshops for affected women on HLP issues to exchange experience.
  • Organisation of 4 quarterly policy days on women’s HLP issues with the local authorities, UN/INGOs and civil society.
  • Media and advocacy intiatives to raise awareness and knowledge of women’s HLP issues through five radio episodes and other media outlets.

Towards a Society Free of Violence Against Women

Project title: Towards a Society Free of Violence Against Women

Implentation Period: 2014 – 2015

Donor: Norwegian People’s Aid

Thematic Program: Woman Support and Empowerment Program


  • Four units for counseling, psychotherapy and legal aid available to Palestinian women in Gaza and West Bank.
  • 240 of groups therapy sessions held targeting victimized women in GS.
  • Six point of intervention established/functioned in GS/WB.
  • Five family forum places available for enabling sperated women to see their children in a friendly enviroment.
  • 120 workshops targeting both men and women increasing their awarness on the context of VAW in addition to women rights.
  • Advanced training course For PCDCR counseler in GS for further human recourses’ invesment for the benefit of women victims of violence.
  • Activation of the advocacy campaign entitled “Preserving the rights of Palestinian women to live”.
  • Carrying out research in GS exploring the reality of murdering women over the last five years, number of killed women in general, and how many of killed women on the backgorund of honor).
  • 16 early days campaigns “several joined activities with Al-Amal coalition and other partners like demonstrations, festivals, …etc”