Rania, a ten- year old girl, is characterized with innocence, beauty and quietness. During the last war on Gaza in 2014, Rania’s right hand has been seriously injured, negatively affecting the movement of her hand. This made her suffer from mental disorder such as having nightmares and screaming once she hears the rain sound. It was noticed that she had a weak educational attainment and became more violent with her siblings. She has not been received enough attention to get her out from isolation, fear, shyness and violence state.


Rania has been chosen in the project “ Psychological social support for children in emergency case”, where she has been able to get benefit from several activities of protecting and improving the psychological state for children in the Gaza Strip. At the beginning of the project, she was introvert and was always preferring not to communicate with other female students. This project has been working on getting Rania out of solitude and shyness through implementing several activities related to the management of psychological stress. These activities include field visits, dialogue session, individual and collective guidance, relaxation exercises, self- discovery, and self- healing. In addition, the project has provided some advice regarding how to deal with others, play sports, fill her time with useful things to her study and future, believe in fate and destiny, and overcome difficulties to achieve the goal she aspires to.


Day by day, Rania started overcoming the barrier of shyness and loneliness and making friends. Getting more involved in class activities and getting higher marks than those of the pre- test have been clearly observed. The girl has become more optimistic ,active and initiative and believed in positive change.

Children Lives in Peace,Safe Home this is What We Dream

Mohammed and Mahmoud are brothers living in Shejaeya. During the last war on Gaza, the Jejaeya has been shelled and destroyed by the Israeli forces. Their house was crashed and their elder brother’s wife was killed hence they were obliged to evacuate from their home specially after the Israeli invasion.

During the PCDCR emergency visits to Shejaeya, both brothers were merged in primary psychosocial support. Then the counselor noticed that they suffered from psychosocial problems such as bedwetting, fear from darkness and aggressive behavior. Therefore, both siblings were transferred to individual counseling and an intervention plans has been organized from them.

The plans included many techniques as relaxation before sleeping, positive imagination and thinking to alleviate the negative thinking of the war, positive dialogue with the child to strengthen the self- trust. In additions, many trainings were implemented to help the children go to the bathroom at night to get rid of bedwetting.

After many sessions, Mohammed and Mahmoud became better and they stopped bedwetting. however, they need more follow up and the counselor still working them.