Demanding to enact laws and legislations to protect women from a violence


Speakers at the conference of ” violence against women”, organized by the Center, confirmed the necessity of the legislative Council to enactment and improve laws that would provide protection for the Palestinian women and to create mechanisms to reduce the phenomenon of violence against women, which increased intensity in the last few days because of the violence of the occupation on the Palestinian society.

Bassam Nasr, director of the Center in Gaza, confirmed on the importance of the conference which was part of a series of public meetings that organized by the Center on the phenomenon of violence against women.

Hend Al Arabi, director of women’s program in the International Relief Agency, pointed that the Palestinian women like all Arab women face a wide range of discrimination, inequality and their role still weak especially in the political Field.

Naima Sheikh, Deputies in the Legislative council, pointed to the challenges and the different forms of violence that faces women.

Dr. Jihad Hamad, presented a working paper on violence against women and its impact on the community building, Hamad also considered ignorance and religious weakness as the main reasons for violence against women.

Said Makadmeh, the director of the Center, presented the result of public poll opinion, which was conducted on a sample of 2300 people, mostly women.