My Creativity Exceeded my pain

North of Gaza –only for the sake of public interest and particularly for the children interest, the Assembly of the Friends of Jabalya ( the light of life ) implemented the initiative of “my creativity exceeded my wound”.

The PCDCR in cooperation with UNICEF funded this initiative, due to the increased need to contribute in providing the social and psychological support, specially for children victims of Gaza war.
The initiative aimed to enhancing self-confidence of children victims of the war, and helping them to overcome this period, where a data base is established about the needs of the injured children to be reference for those in-need.
This initiative tackled 10 of injured children, the main activities included implementing workshops, training the children on the creative work and interacting with each other to overcome pain.

Road Safety Initiative

Deir al-Balah – road safety is one of the most important initiatives that should be worked on, wherefore PCDCR in cooperation with UNICEF funded a vanguard development team which following the Palestinian development committee, to implement the initiative “road safety” that aim to contribute in protecting children from accidents and raising children’s awareness of the dangers of the non-compliance with regulations and traffic signals, it also introducing them to their rights and duties on roads as well as reinforcing the official and social attitudes towards the dangers of accidents that lead to disability or even death.
The training tackled a large number of children in the middle governorate, 200 children directly and 20.000 children indirectly, through forming groups of children and local committees in addition to media, drama, infield and training activities.
Therefore, we must comply with the regulations and laws to get our children to safety.

PCDCR signed an agreement to implement ” Youth Saving Education” project

Gaza. The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution in the province of Gaza signed yesterday an agreement with Save the Children to implement a project of ” Youth Saving Education” with budget of $ 60667 $, within the Nasiji Program that funded by the Ford Foundation in partnership with regional advisory committee includes five Arab countries (Jordan and Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt and Palestine). ”Youth Saving Education” project is targeting young people aged between 16 to 17 years, and is aiming to achieve the following:

1. Improving the performance of graduates and their psychology.

2. Improving the standard of education and the education process.

3. Activating the role of youth and institutions.

4. Promoting the process of advocacy among young people.

Mr. Eyad Abu Hujir, Deputy Director General has signed the agreement on behalf of the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, Mr. David Burns, Director General – the Office of the West Bank and Gaza on behalf of Save the Children Foundation and Mr. Ramsey Bertie Financial and Administrative Director of Save the Children – Gaza. It is worth mentioning that the project activities will start on October 1, 2008, in each of the provinces of North and Gaza.

“Towards Gaza free from suspicious objects” initiative

Gaza – Gaza scout knights group is working on to implement the initiative of “towards Gaza free from suspicious objects”, funded by PCDCR and UNICEF.
Since the suspicious objects are dangerous and threatening our comfort and happiness, Gaza scout knights group started implementing this initiative, because of what we witnessed of a bitter reality, specially after the last war on Gaza, where the phenomenon of suspicious objects increased, and that led to a number of casualties specially from children.
From this point, the group start raising awareness among a large number of citizens and children about the serious dangers of such a phenomenon and how to deal with such objects.
The initiative also called upon the officials and non-officials to take their role in protecting children and citizens lives, and getting rid of such suspicious objects.

The kites initiative

Within Community Based child Protection project which is presented by ‎PCDCR and SCI ,and funded by the Italian Cooperation. ‎
The children in the project Initiate to make kites and wrote their Violated‎‏ ‏‎ ‎rights on them, then they flied the kites in the area of Abu Hadaf in Al-‎Qarara.‎
The children said that through this activity, the decision makers can see ‎the kits , and they will know the children needs and what they want.‎
Every child flied his kite and all them were happy to play and express ‎their needs in the same time. ‎
They wished that they will always have the ability to express themselves ‎and their rights. ‎

Planting initiative

Community Based child Protection project, is a project convened by ‎PCDCR in partnership with SCI Foundation , funded by the Italian ‎Cooperation.
The project aims to provide a safe environment for Palestinian children ‎living in Qarara and Khaza’a areas which are affected by conflict , in ‎addition the project aims to give children the chance to learn their rights.‎
The children participating in the project in Khaza’a area, had planted ‎some trees in (Dewan Swedan) where they are having their educational ‎workshops in the project.‎
The children cooperated in this activity and every one has his own ‎responsibilities.‎
Some of them brought the tools ,others brought the plants, and the reset ‎of them do the planting process.‎
The children through this activity practiced their right in having a healthy ‎environment.‎
They worked hard to make their initiative succeed, and they where happy ‎to see the trees which they planted ,growing around them. ‎
‎ ‎

The ship of hope

According to activities in Community Based child Protection project ‎which is presented by PCDCR and SCI ,and funded by the Italian ‎Cooperation. ‎
The children in the project made a small ship and called it the ship of ‎hope.‎
The children said that this ship is like an Ambassador for their rights.‎
They see that the ship can travel every where ,cringing on it Deck
‎ there rights.‎
They see also that in the sea there are rough waves in the way of the ‎ship, similar to the difficult circumstances that the children faces in ‎their life.‎
They said that the ship is a ship of hope and survival of their communities ‎and throughout the world, the dream of all their rights in the application ‎on the ground in order to live in an atmosphere of safety and security of ‎life, education, health, participation and expression, growth , non-‎exploitation, and non-discrimination on the basis of nationality or ‎religion.‎

Touch of Hope

Executive party: Rawafed Association for Development

Duration: From 1 September 2007, until 20 October 2007

Children were trained to perform plays. Now they have a team able to perform theatrical shows effectively and accurately. Currently, the team is preparing for a play aiming at ending violence in the Palestinian society and facing the dangers children encounter.

Children created Dabka group for reviving heritage and folklore in a modernized way. They are also working on preparing a silent film representing the difficult situation children and teenagers in Gaza Strip are living and how they fight to overcome this situation. Moreover, a drawing competition will take place in order to develop children’s abilities and to encourage them to merge in the community and express their feelings.

A final celebration, where all the accomplishments will be presented, will take place.

Protecting Children from Drugs


Executed party:Palestinian Association for Development and Education
Duration:31 September 2007, until 15 October 2007

Under the title “By sport we battle against drugs”, sixty four participants distributed in 8 teams in the Middle Area were trained on playing football. A competition between these teams took place all through Ramadan. At the finals, two teams, El Salah El Islamyya Association team and Deir El Balah Services Forum team played, where the former won the match by 3 goals against 2.

During these matches educative brochures were distributed on the attendance so that they reach every home in the Middle Area. Moreover, billboards about drugs danger and its negative impact on children were placed in the playground. At the end of the series, winners received their medals and prizes.

Moreover, the team made field visits to several association and distributed brochures.

At the final celebration memorial gifts were distributed on several association in the Middle Area in the presence of PCDCR team.

Media for Children

Executive party:Youth group
Duration: 28 August 2007, until 15 November 2007

In coordination with a number of specialists, the team of this initiative is working on training children to be able to work in the media. In addition, a newspaper about subjects relating to children protection will be published with special importance attached to children exploitation. Moreover, a web page will be designed to publish all journalist investigations conducted by the team.

A competition took place to select the best creative work that expresses the notion of protecting children. The competition covers all the Gaza Strip.