PCDCR Concludes Training Course Entitled ” Training of Facilitators/ Trainers”

On Wednesday, 6th April 2016, the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) concluded a training course entitled “Training of Facilitators/ Trainers” as part of a project funded by the European Union and titled as ” the Elected President” in partnership with Central Elections Commission-Palestine. The 15-hour training course was held in PCDCR’s training hall “Gaza branch” from 04 to 06 April 2016 and 20 participants attended the course.

The program of the training course addressed a number of topics: elections as an element of democracy, the legal logic of elections, electoral systems and their advantages and disadvantages, voters’ registration, the electoral campaign, elections monitoring, and elections controls.

A team of specialized trainers in PCDCR supervised the training. Mr. Abdel Men’m Al-Tahrawi began the training talking about the project, its objectives, and the target group which is represented by universities students and Civil Society Institutions’ staff. He explained that a number of awareness raising sessions about elections will be held including an imitation of elections law while the elected will grant the opportunity to play the role of president. Besides, Al-Tahrawi emphasized on the necessity of having training and facilitation skills in addition to the necessity of addressing people in the language they can understand. He added that the facilitator/trainer has to recognize facilitation techniques such as: brainstorming, free association, and groups discussions.

The participants praised PCDCR distinctive role in disseminating elections culture and rule of law. Moreover, they emphasized that the course is characterized by its richness topics and the efficiency of the trainers. In addition, they appreciated the use of interactive training methods since they had an active participation and discussion during the training course sessions. The participants stressed on the need of organizing such training courses.    اختتام-مشروع-الانتخابات-1 اختتام-مشروع-الانتخابات-2

PCDCR Signs an Understanding Memorandum for Training Sharia’ Lawyers

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The Palestinian center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sharia’ Higher Judicial Council and the Palestinian Higher Judicial Institute. This memorandum comes within the efforts to develop the abilities of Sharia’ lawyers.

Under the agreement, it was settled to hold eight training sessions for Sharia’ lawyers. The training sessions will target 300 lawyers-in-training in order to develop the skills and abilities of Sharia’ lawyers who are on the verge of the occupational exam. Its mention worthy that the memorandum was signed by Mr. Iyad Abu Hujjayer, head of PCDCR in Gaza, with Mr. Hasan El Jojo, Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Islamic courts, and Mr. Nafez El Madhoun, Dean of the Palestinian Higher Judicial Institute.

The implementation and supervision of the training sessions will be in cooperation with UNDP and PAPP, but PCDCR will be responsible for registration process and receiving enrollment applications. The training program will include several topics like Law of personal status, Family law, Sharia’ procedures law, endowment, inheritance, wills and law enforcement.

Training sessions will be given by different courts judges, including Mr. Saeed abu El Jabeen, a Supreme Sharia Court judge, Mr. Ibrahim El najjar, Head of Supreme Court of Appeal in Khan Younis, Mr. Salah abu Hasheesh, a Supreme Sharia Court judge, Mr. Omar Nofal, Head of Court of Appeal in Gaza, Mr. Nafez El Madhoun, and Mr. Rami Salouha.