Boys are Better Than Girls

“Malak” is a fourth grade child who prefers to play with boys. She wears and talks like them. The PCDCR team made a visit for her family and spoke with her mother. She told them that her daughter likes to play football with her cousin in the street barefooted; she also attends all the parties held in streets.

Her mom added that her father and she tried to change her behavior but in vain.

Through a meeting joined the psychologist and Malak, she said that her sisters do not behave like her. The psychologist asked her if she had female girls; Malak said that she had but does not prefer to play with them.

The psychologist tried to help her by holding psychologist sessions, and tried to incorporate her with other female peers using groups. Malak changes her behavior by the time and played with her girls who became her friends at last.