PCDCR brings a child from darkness to the light

Psychological advisor: Somaya Habib
Like any other normal Palestinian child, S. K., 9 years old, lived with her family enjoying her childhood with her family. In light of Intifada al-Aqsa, the Preventive site exposed to a bombardment by the Israeli occupation where the site was near S. K. grand mother’s house and school.

Usually, when S. K. hears the voice of the Israeli planes she starts to scream and ask for protection. The moment the preventive site exposed to the bombardment; all the buildings were completely demolished. At the same time the planes demolished the buildings; the child’s psychology was destroyed and become human case.

Symptoms did not show quickly, but after nearly two months S. K. started to lose movement in her feet with the inability of balance, and after that she could not be able to walk and become handicapped. At this moment; the journey of pain begins with her while the situation of the family changed to the worse and the sufferance reached all members of the family.

Her parents went to all kinds of doctors and hospitals, she entered into El-Nasr Children’s Hospital to make the necessary tests, but the tests results came positive; after that they went to the European Hospital and many tests were taking but the results were the same: the child suffers from nothing.

The family kept going from one doctor to another but all the same, after desperation; her parents used the Arabic medicine e.g. Al Hajamh, but all that was unhelpful.
S. K. combined with her mother traveled to Egypt for one month but the doctors told them the same as the previous ones: there is nothing wrong with the child and as if “We are looking for a needle in a hay stack”. After that S. K.’s documents transferred to Israel but there was no point.

After that she was presented to many psychiatrists and psychologists in the Gaza Strip also to a German doctor but they confirmed that she is physically healthy, but unfortunately she will not be able to walk again; even psychologists doctors stressed on the difficulty of this situation and she will never walk again, pointing out that the length of the period of disability and the situation, and it went from psychological shape to physical disability.
Time grows
Days pass and suffering and pain grow along with despair and pessimism. The child become 15 years old and still suffering with her family, Even the girl reached the conviction within herself, and persuaded herself of the cruel reality that she will never walk again and give-up.
After suffering for 6 years, she was transformed by a specialist to The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) for psychiatric sessions. S. K. started with Psychological advisor for two months but for some reasons she transferred S. K. to the Psychological advisor Somaya Habib who works in the Center.

After one month of sessions, S. K started to walk; no one could believe it even the child herself.

The smile returned to girl and her family. The girls parents started to fear that this happiness will never last, now two months passed and she still walking as if she has never been handicapped, the happiness of her family widening every day when they believed she became normal again, and the suffering ended.

Demanding to enact laws and legislations to protect women from a violence


Speakers at the conference of ” violence against women”, organized by the Center, confirmed the necessity of the legislative Council to enactment and improve laws that would provide protection for the Palestinian women and to create mechanisms to reduce the phenomenon of violence against women, which increased intensity in the last few days because of the violence of the occupation on the Palestinian society.

Bassam Nasr, director of the Center in Gaza, confirmed on the importance of the conference which was part of a series of public meetings that organized by the Center on the phenomenon of violence against women.

Hend Al Arabi, director of women’s program in the International Relief Agency, pointed that the Palestinian women like all Arab women face a wide range of discrimination, inequality and their role still weak especially in the political Field.

Naima Sheikh, Deputies in the Legislative council, pointed to the challenges and the different forms of violence that faces women.

Dr. Jihad Hamad, presented a working paper on violence against women and its impact on the community building, Hamad also considered ignorance and religious weakness as the main reasons for violence against women.

Said Makadmeh, the director of the Center, presented the result of public poll opinion, which was conducted on a sample of 2300 people, mostly women.