Alleviating physical anf humiliating punishment in the Gaza Strip

Project Title: Alleviating physical anf humiliating punishment in the Gaza Strip.

Implentation Period: 9 months (01/04/2015 – 31/12/2015)

Donor: Save the Children.

Thematic Program: Children Rights Protection Program

Targeted Group: Children.


It can be difficult for adults in their various capacities as parents/professionals, to find alternative ways of bringing up children, espacially in context where physical and humiliating punishment is a social norm.

The Positive Discipline project was concieved in 2006, as a way to help NGO staff answer the question, “If I don’t hit my child, what do I do?” It quickly grown into a global initiative to support parents in thier efforts to abandon physical and emotional punishment, and to uphold their chidren’s rights ti protection and participation.

This growth has been fuelled by the passion of many people in many countries who have recognized and embraced the universal message in this program. Though the submission of this project, the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution will target parents aiming ti provide them with alternative ways through the implentation of Positive Discipline sessions. The project is an expansion of previous work that PCDCR did before with Save the Children.

Main Objective: To contibute to eliminating corporal/physical punishment and all other cruel or degrading punishment of children through promotion of positive discipline in Gaza Strip.

Specific Objectives:

  • To provide appropriate and effective alternative methods for physical and emotional punishment.
  • To develop the capacities of parents in childbearing practices.


  • Conduct 32 PD groups with parents.
  • Conduct 32 follow up sessions with parents.
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