Promoting the Partnership, a Norwegian Delegation from the Norwegian People’s Aid and the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (NUMGE) visited the PCDCR

A Norwegian delegation from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (NUMGE) represented by Ms. Silvia Ostberg Morales, Country Director of NPA, Mr. Finn Erick Thoresen, Chairman of NPA, Ms. Kathrine Raadim, Director, International Programme Department, Mr. Stein Guldbrandsen, Executive Board Member of NUMGE  and number of employees visited the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution where they met Mr. Saed Al Magadma, Director General, Mr. Eyad Abu Hjair, Head of Gaza Branch and Vice President, Mr. Abed Al Monem Al Tahrawi, Projects Manager, and number of the Center employees. The visit took place at the Center’s headquarter in Gaza city.

This visit comes as a part of promoting the strategic partnership between both parties which started since 2007 and continued till now. The delegation made a visit to some of the Center’s activities and met with the beneficiaries of the project services which is funded by NUMGE. Moreover, the delegation represented by Director of NPA in Palestine praised the strategic relationship between both parties emphasizing on their appreciation for the services provided by PCDCR in the field of Women Competing Violence. 

On his turn, Mr. Saed Al Magadma showed his appreciation for this partnership which is based on the participatory relationship between both parties not only on the funding concept.    

The visit which lasted for 5 hours finished by meeting the delegation with a group of activist youth who presented their views of the Palestinian youth cases generally. In addition, the delegation met with a number of ladies beneficiaries from the project services.

Furthermore, Mr. Abed Al Monem Al Tahrawi highlighted his view for the future relationship with the NPA assuring on the extended relationship connecting between both parties especially NPA staff in Gaza city who provides a continuous and great cooperation with the Center’s staff. At the end of this visit, souvenirs, with a patriotic style of the Palestinian heritage, are distributed to both parties.