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Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Conflict Resolution-PCDCR is a civil non-profitable organization established in August 1998 as an investment of distinguished efforts exerted by a group of Palestinian youth highly motivated and ambitious to develop a Palestinian model promotes democratic principles and modern conflict resolution alternatives.
Child protection needs substantially increased in Gaza during and following the escalation of hostilities in 2014. First, there continues to be a need for protection, psychosocial support and individualized case specific responses for children who have experience, and continue to experience exposure to conflict and violence, ERWs, displacement, and caregivers consistent stress and limited access to livelihood opportunities.
PCDCR offers a post for professionals interested in working in Emergency field.

Job Title: Emergency Officer
Start Date: ASAP
Duration of Contract: 5 months with possibility of extension

Duties and Responsibilities:
– Responsible for coordinating and supervising the Child Protection Working Group-CPWG agreed activities of all 5 Governorate Focal Points.
– Collates and analyses all field level need assessments and shares regular reports with the CPWG coordinator to inform the response.
– Participate in all CPWG meetings and initiatives as requested.
– Establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, partners and donors.
– Gather needed information and produces success stories.
– Ensure the database holds accurate and up to date information.
– Conduct meetings with key stakeholders in the child protection field.
– Act as a member of PCDCR team and perform any reasonable duties as may be assigned.

Personal and Professional Competencies:
– A university degree in English language, international relations, development studies, business or other relevant field.
– At least 3 years related professional experience particularly in Child Protection Field.
– Fluency in written and spoken English is required.
– Positive attitude and strong interpersonal and communication skills.
– Demonstrated research and information gathering and analysis skills.
– Proven flexibility to handle changing priorities and managing multiple tasks and deadlines efficiently and without compromising quality.
– Highly organized, reliable attention to details and ability to work independently when needed.
– Good experience in Project Cycle Management including the development of project’s logical framework and its components.
– Proficiency with MS Office.
– Concern with democracy, conflict resolution, non-violent actions and human rights issues.
– Integrity and strong identification with PCDCR Core Values.

Professional candidates with experience in the following field are encouraged to apply for this position, Cover letter and curriculum vitae in English including the names and contact details for three references, are to be submitted by email to:

Please ensure that you state the title of the post that you are applying for as subject of your email (EMERGENCY OFFICER).

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

PCDCR believes in equal opportunities for both genders.

Closing Date: Wednesday 5th October 2016 (12:00 noon).


The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution published the first edition of the report “TAMKEEN” that presents and addresses the conditions of children’s rights in Gaza strip for the year 2015, based on the collection of information from monitors children’s groups, within the project “Protect my right ” which funded by “Save the Children”.


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Training Meeting in the Art of Debate

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution hold a training meeting in the art of debate on Wednesday, Sep 7, 2016. The training meeting, part of the project “Advancing Social Accountability”, funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, includes 50 youth from different majors and interests in the Gaza Strip.

The training aims to enhance the listening and time management skills among the young people whether on a personal or institutional level and to deepen the art of dialogue to enable them to build arguments, use specific strategies on debate issues, and present their attitudes easily. It also aims to build a generation of young people who is able to debate in all social, political, and economic issues using mind, logic, and evidences.

The trainer, Mr. Abdul Meneem Al-Tahrawe, discussed the main conditions of the art of debate including being away from intolerance to points of view, being ready to search about the truth and then take it, talking politely away from sarcasm from opponents’ points of view, using the correct persuasive ways, and finally accepting the results of the debate after a long discussion supported with irrefutable evidences.



The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution in partnership with Save the Children carried out an open day within the project “psychological and social support for children affected by conflict and violence in the emergency situation”

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution in partnership with Save the Children carried out an open day within the project  “psychological and social support for children affected by conflict and violence in the time of emergency”, which took place in Dolphin Resort in Gaza.

The open day included several activities such as drawing on children’s faces, dancing, having a clown, and playing games revitalizing the children. A delegation of  Save the Children, headed by the Director of the organization in Palestine and the Director of Programs, visited the event and participated with children.


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The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution Organized a Round Table Meeting Titled “Guests Overcrowding in Police Lock-ups: Reality and Suggested Solutions”

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution organized a meeting titled ” Guests overcrowding in police lock-ups, reality and proposed solutions ” on September 1st, 2016 from 12:30 pm to 14:30 pm in Alsalam Abu Hasira Restaurant on Gaza beach, in partnership with the joint program between UNAIDS, the United Nations Development Programme and the UN Women, “strengthening the rule of law: Justice and security for the Palestinian people, Sawasya”, as a part of the project “An advanced step towards justice in the Gaza Strip”.

The session aimed to spot light on the living conditions in police lock-ups with a large number of prisoners, which leads to the spread of disease and not to give employees rights under the law. Many representatives of the public prosecutor of the judiciary, the Directorate of reform and rehabilitation, the public relations of the police, human rights organizations and lawyers took part in that session. The participants presented the problem and made the necessary recommendations including the aftercare to integrate the prisoners, activating the alternative sanctions and rapid trials to address the Supreme Judicial Council, activating the guarantees, having a cooperation between the institutions interested in alleviating the overcrowded guests, converting the crime of Tramadol abuse from a felony to a misdemeanor and finding solutions for the prisoners who are convicted of financial crimes, activating the role of reconciliation and the role of public relations and emphasizing the need to speed up the filing of indictments by prosecutors and an advisory opinion regarding the Zakat for garmin.

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Promoting the Partnership, a Norwegian Delegation from the Norwegian People’s Aid and the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (NUMGE) visited the PCDCR

A Norwegian delegation from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (NUMGE) represented by Ms. Silvia Ostberg Morales, Country Director of NPA, Mr. Finn Erick Thoresen, Chairman of NPA, Ms. Kathrine Raadim, Director, International Programme Department, Mr. Stein Guldbrandsen, Executive Board Member of NUMGE  and number of employees visited the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution where they met Mr. Saed Al Magadma, Director General, Mr. Eyad Abu Hjair, Head of Gaza Branch and Vice President, Mr. Abed Al Monem Al Tahrawi, Projects Manager, and number of the Center employees. The visit took place at the Center’s headquarter in Gaza city.

This visit comes as a part of promoting the strategic partnership between both parties which started since 2007 and continued till now. The delegation made a visit to some of the Center’s activities and met with the beneficiaries of the project services which is funded by NUMGE. Moreover, the delegation represented by Director of NPA in Palestine praised the strategic relationship between both parties emphasizing on their appreciation for the services provided by PCDCR in the field of Women Competing Violence. 

On his turn, Mr. Saed Al Magadma showed his appreciation for this partnership which is based on the participatory relationship between both parties not only on the funding concept.    

The visit which lasted for 5 hours finished by meeting the delegation with a group of activist youth who presented their views of the Palestinian youth cases generally. In addition, the delegation met with a number of ladies beneficiaries from the project services.

Furthermore, Mr. Abed Al Monem Al Tahrawi highlighted his view for the future relationship with the NPA assuring on the extended relationship connecting between both parties especially NPA staff in Gaza city who provides a continuous and great cooperation with the Center’s staff. At the end of this visit, souvenirs, with a patriotic style of the Palestinian heritage, are distributed to both parties.


The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution held many Introductory Meetings for “Steps towards Change” Project

 The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution held many introductory meetings with many youth groups within “Steps towards Change” project which is implemented in partnership with the Norwegian People Aid (NPA). This project aims at supporting and empowering the marginalized groups including women and youth in Gaza Strip and West Bank through promoting gender equality in Fair Political Participation and Social Accountability for claiming their rights. Those meetings took place at the PCDCR headquarter in Gaza city.

Mrs. Samer Hamad,  the Advocacy Specialist started the meetings by providing a deep explanation for the project idea, goals and the expected activities implemented in the coming stage. Mrs. Hamad assured the importance of  women and youth participation in the political and social fields in claiming their right to freedom of expression and freedom of association.

On his turn Mr. Abed Al Monem Al Tahrawi, the Project Coordinator presented the project activities which  include: forming an activist youth collation in the political and social fields to claim theirs right in freedom of expression and freedom of association. In addition to implementing many training courses about the social accountability and citizenship and implementing many training courses for the activists ladies in the social field to develop their political participation, presentation and negotiation skills.

Mr. Al Tahrawi highlighted that this project comes within the strategic extended partnership with the Norwegian People Aid since more than 8 years and it’ll continue with in this project for 4 coming years. Through this partnership, both parties will work on promoting  integrity values and social accountability principles.

It’s worth to mention that many meeting will be conducted with many youth groups during the coming week in the West Bank complementing the first stage of the project.

Training course within the project “Advancing Social Accountability”

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution implemented a training course to develop and hone the skills of young people, equip them with many basic skills that will qualify them to be engaged in social accountability within the Ministry of Local Government.

The training course, part of the project “Advancing Social Accountability”, funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, included 100 young people. This project is  a considerable and unique step in which the young people will cooperate with municipalities and PCDCR, focusing on some social issues and providing solutions according to the points of view of citizens and municipality.

The idea of the program came from the center’s vision of the positive role of young people as a strategic partner in planning and work to develop performance and keep up with reformative policies of the local government sector through exerting all the efforts to achieve the project’s goals.







On Thursday, 21,07,2016 the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution has conducted its annual general assembly meeting with attendance of (2) representatives of ministry of national economy and (18) general assembly member in Gaza, Nablus, & Hebron.

During the meeting, the representative of ministry of national economy Mrs. Dima Al- Shawa  announced the completion of the quorum for the meeting. Hence ,  Mr. Ashraf Abu Nada the  chairman of the Board of directors headed the meeting and explained meeting’s agenda, that included approval of the annual managerial report(2015), the financial & auditing  report (2015), and annual budget(2016). Besides, The appointment of the external auditor for the center, and exemption of BoDs members from legal liability in 2015.

After discussion and ratification of the previous items by GA members, the attendees  were satisfied about the center performance and its ability to outreach for the most vulnerable groups in Palestinian territories during 2015.

The resumption of the Project “Psychosocial support for children in an emergency situation”

PCDCR in partnership with Save Children resumes psychological and social support for children , awareness sessions for parents sessions , Caregivers and individual counseling within the project “Psychosocial support for children in an emergency situation.” which aims to protect and improve the mental state for the target group in all of the most vulnerable areas of the Gaza Strip.