On Thursday, 21,07,2016 the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution has conducted its annual general assembly meeting with attendance of (2) representatives of ministry of national economy and (18) general assembly member in Gaza, Nablus, & Hebron.

During the meeting, the representative of ministry of national economy Mrs. Dima Al- Shawa  announced the completion of the quorum for the meeting. Hence ,  Mr. Ashraf Abu Nada the  chairman of the Board of directors headed the meeting and explained meeting’s agenda, that included approval of the annual managerial report(2015), the financial & auditing  report (2015), and annual budget(2016). Besides, The appointment of the external auditor for the center, and exemption of BoDs members from legal liability in 2015.

After discussion and ratification of the previous items by GA members, the attendees  were satisfied about the center performance and its ability to outreach for the most vulnerable groups in Palestinian territories during 2015.

The resumption of the Project “Psychosocial support for children in an emergency situation”

PCDCR in partnership with Save Children resumes psychological and social support for children , awareness sessions for parents sessions , Caregivers and individual counseling within the project “Psychosocial support for children in an emergency situation.” which aims to protect and improve the mental state for the target group in all of the most vulnerable areas of the Gaza Strip.

Setting up the summer camp for children with disabilities in PCDCR

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution opened ” the summer camp for children with disabilities” in partnership with Save the Children on Sunday 7TH July 2016 in Dolphin Resort ” Let’s play .. Let’s have fun ” , which aims to improve access opportunities to the protection and health services for children with disabilities in the Gaza Strip , The camps targeted six areas of the camp in Gaza strip which is one of the most frailty areas. The number of participants in the camp is 165 boys and girls are children with disabilities ,and 135 are hale, and the age group is ” 9-14 years” and the camp will continue for a whole month, this camp is one of the best camps for this year in that it includes recreational , sports activities and a variety of other activities in order to promote active participation , development , reintegrate of this group in society and also provides an opportunity for children with disabilities to engage in the normal life and provide an opportunity for the hale children to identify children with disabilities up close and appreciate their problems and help them to cope with the difficulties of life in order to promote their right to play and integration in the community through the merger to promote a positive feeling for the children and that children with disabilities exist in society ” affects and is affected ” , and displaces a lot of ideas and impressions about himself that may be acquired it in the isolation .